Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Sissy Spanking

i had a wonderful afternoon with Jake on Friday.  It was the most relaxed we've been when together since we first met.  Trysts like ours (two married men getting together for sex) are usually accompanied with lots of anxiety and nervousness for obvious reasons.  It's also more difficult for the partner who's going to the other partner's home.  They can't experience the same level of security the other feels.  It's only natural.

Jake was here at our house on Friday afternoon.  His golf clubs for our Friday afternoon game never made it out of the trunk of his car.  Neither did mine.  Instead, we played other types of games.  Diane wasn't due home until around 7 PM and as the afternoon wore on, Jake seemed more and more comfortable.  He was more dominant as well.

Getting ready for his arrival had me in a high state of arousal.  i swear i came close to cumming just thinking about being feminine for him.  i wanted to surprise him , but couldn't decide what to wear to greet him.  i had bought a pretty powder blue babydoll set just like he wanted, but i didn't want to be wearing it right away.  Instead, i laid it out on the bed in a guest bedroom and thought i'd lead him by the hand into the bedroom and slip it on for him.

i changed into some cute white short shorts with pink panties underneath, a white bra and a sleeveless pink blouse.  i also wore a pair of heels, a cute faux pearl necklace, a short wig, light makeup and mascara and a hint of lip gloss. 

However, minutes before he was scheduled to arrive, i changed my mind!  i thought it over and felt he might be expecting me to be wearing the blue babydoll set, so i hurried to make the change.  i'm glad i did.

i answered the door wearing the babydoll pajamas, in heels, makeup, necklace and smiling at him with my pink pouty lips.  i could tell right away that i had pleased him.

"I'm happy you followed directions" he said, "otherwise I would have had to spank you."

He must have sensed a little disappointment in me because he quickly added that "I may decide to give you a sissy spanking anyway."   He immediately put me into femme subspace.

Submissive as i felt, i did take him by the hand and led him into the guest bedroom.  He took me in his arms and held me while he kissed me and told me to get him undressed.  With my clit throbbing n my panties, i tried to take my time while i undressed him, but wanted him naked quickly.  i kissed his chest when i took off his shirt.  i stroked and kissed his thighs when his pants came down.  i buried my face in his crotch and kissed his cock when i slid down his briefs.

He pushed me down on the bed and lay on top of me.  i wrapped my smooth legs around me as i felt his strong muscled chest against my smooth bosom.  "Soon, I hope you're ready to let me take you like a woman" he said.  i felt my heart flutter.  i was stunned.  Nervous and unsure about what to say, i waited a little and said "i'd love that."   Before i could say anything else, his massive cock was parting my lips.

We spent the afternoon in bed, talking in between bouts of sex.   There was also a little modeling for him.  When i told him how i had changed my mind about what to wear to greet him, he told me to put the original outfit on for him.  He liked it.  It's the outfit i wore for my spanking.

It's not the first time i found myself over a man's lap.  Ken had spanked me before but not that often.  Jake got into it.  It was more than a playful spanking.  i loved being told what a naughty girl i was.

When the spanking was over, i proved it by taking his beautiful cock in my mouth and swallowing every drop of his hot and loving cum.


  1. Well, you've certainly proven what a true sissy slut you are terri. I like how submissive you are, just like a sissy should be. Can't wait until Jake makes you a real girl.

  2. Dear terri,

    Oh! My! God! You little minx! Spanking? Cocksucking? So you say you didn't play golf? Sounds like you did make his putter stand up straight!!



  3. Dear terri,

    What a great post. It sounds like a truly awesome time. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm just sitting here picturing each scene in my mind. Love it! Wow!


  4. Mmmm, sweet! So what heels did you wear with your babydoll? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Smiles, Tracy

  5. Sounds like Jake is doing a fine job leading the way for the two of you. I wish the best for you and glad Diane is supportive.


  6. terri,

    Sounds like we both had a wonderful Friday! I had the opportunity to play tennis and go to lunch with my wife's girlfriends, then spent the entire afternoon cleaning her house. Friday night she actually took me to bed and we had a form of sissy sex.

    You have inspired me soooo much to be the best wife/maid for my mistress.

    Thank you!



  7. Dear Terry,

    I enjoy reading your blog. You have e certain way to write, that makes me all wet and horny. I can read how much you enjoyed the spanking and taking his cock and cum.

    Thank you very much!


  8. Terri,

    Jake's right. You are a very naughty gurl. Bet he loves you that way though!


  9. Great, brings bbaack many memeories of when I had a BF.I am not doing that since I married 5 years ago. MY bf was big strong and blac; Its twooooo its twoooooooooooo
    I am your cheerleader, keep on

  10. Sounds like a wonderful date ,I have fantasized about such a scenario many times. Being dressed for your man, servicing him ,going across his lap with panties down I assume. Can it get better than that? Although all of the above with your wife watching plus anal intercourse would be the ultimate. I`m sure if giving a little more time to get to know each other better, that may happen also.
    It must be wonderful to surrender to a dominant male as his Submissive Sissy Girl. I`ve read this several times & can`t keep my hands out of my panties . Bet he loves that your a Naughty Sissy Girl, Hope he gave you a good spanking!!!

  11. Oh, love how you discussed your anticipation and change of mind!
    You had me tenting my sissy panties.... and with the spanking story (I'm glad you showed him!), I'm about to erupt in them!
    Hugs, Sara

  12. i spank my own cock. my favorite tool is a lite weight flat wooden spatula. alot of light spanks quickly leads to red hot glowing sting. i like to drip astroglide onto my rod as i continue to slap away. the red tender appendage is a beautiful reminder until i cant help myself any longer and repeat... i am trying to remain celibate but i dont know how many more weeks i can go without release. i thought the pain would help... now im not so sure,

  13. My wife has enlisted her moms help in my weekly discipline. They shave my bikini area and slap my bumhole with a 16" ruler until I start to leak then they return me to my belt. I can't help but hope they go too far... and I get to release.