Saturday, July 21, 2012

Looking for Panties

A busy week came to a difficult end yesterday. i wrote several times about a previous bi relationship i had with Ken until he moved away, and how i was looking forward to seeing him when he visited this summer.  That was before i met Jake and i just wouldn't have felt right playing with Ken while being involved with Jake.

i had lunch with Ken yesterday even though i had told him i didn't want to play.  We had plenty of intimate and fun times together and are still friends.  It was a difficult lunch.  He told me how disappointed he was that we couldn't play together while he was here and left the door open if i wanted to do so.  i'm not going to change my mind.  When i played with Ken, he was the only man i was involved with.  That was our agreement.  He understands and we're still friends and i have to say that he still makes me horny.

Things seem to take more time with Jake than they did with Ken when it comes to expressing his fantasies openly.  i can understand because i'm the same way.  But we're both making progress.  Yesterday, Jake revealed to me how a certain type of panty really turned him on (not wearing seeing them on me!) and how he'd like me to get a few pairs.  He loves panties that have a seam straight up the back along a woman's ass cheeks.  i'm not sure what you call panties like that and he even sent me a picture of what he meant.

 So now, i'm on the market for panties like that and haven't been able to find many online.  i haven't gone out shopping for them yet either but if any of my readers know where i can find something similar (he would love to see me in a pair of white ones) please let me know.  i'd love to have them for our date next week!

Feel free to leave your suggestions here, or if you prefer send me an email.  Thanks :)


  1. Ken has very good taste, saw these in a Paris shop window.

  2. Most Olga panties have that line... available in stores and also lots on eBay.

  3. Yes terri,

    Look for Olga panties at any major department store or look at her room on line:

    you two might enjoy these, giggles.


  4. Just a thought. Perhaps if you explained the situation to Jake, he'd permit you to satisfy Ken a time or two while he's in town. He might even get a rush out of being the one who decides to whom your sexual services are given, and how.

  5. I'll have to see if I can find some in my panty drawer mess!! :)
    I'll bet Jake would love you in back zip-up skirts and pants, then, huh? :)

    Congrats for holding off with Ken. It will all work out. But I'm sure it was hard.

    Awaiting my plastic panty buy, and my 4-pad girdle (now I'll have better hips n butt...but will lose some "feeling" sigh...). Hugs, Sara

  6. Terri,

    I'm always impressed by a submissive's willingness to please their wive's, Master's, boyfriends, etc. I bet you would be willing to do just about anything Brian or Jake says.


  7. If he likes a seam up your crack, how did he like you in pantyhose? Tracy

  8. I've bought panties with a seam up the ass at several different retail establishments - including Victoria Secret and Gilly Hicks. You have to look carefully - only about 5% are made that way... Good luck - I enjoy hearing your updates!

  9. Bali makes them. they fit and feel so soft. they are called Skimp Skamp..Get them from one hanes place . com.

  10. yes I a older male and wear the panties and bras my lady friend buy them for me and now when I at home I been in a dress to day I am going to get my nails done by a hair dresser and my hair done too I doing this for my lady friend when she came home she look at me and said come her girly let me take a good look that when she ask are you sure about this I told her yes miss yes now we become girl friend and you stray home be the house wife she kiss me and felt my breasts after that day I was no longer a man but a sissy girl