Monday, April 16, 2012

Tampon Time

As per my "contract" with Diane, I started my period the other day.  After I showered that morning I inserted a sanitary napkin in my panties and went about my business.  I was a little disappointed that Diane didn't say anything that day or in the days leading up to the time when I'm supposed to start.  Her little snide remarks about how I must be getting ready to start my period because I'm bitchy or moody always make me feel more feminine.

This time, there was none of that and when the day came, I just did what I'm supposed to do.  I was also very disappointed that she hadn't even noticed it in the evenings when we were changing or in bed.  I really was in a very different and down mood because of the lack of attention.

That changed this morning though.  I was up first and got the coffee going before heading back into the master bathroom.  Diane was still in bed and got up just a few moments later.  She came over to kiss me on the cheek and ran her hand down to the front of the panties I was wearing, stroked the outline of my penis and  reached down a little further.  She felt the pad.  "Too bad you have your period, I was hoping to fuck you tonight" she said.

Her touch and her words got me very aroused.  The neglect she had displayed for the past couple of days was soon forgotten. 

"You seem to be flowing heavily too.  I think it would be a good idea to use a tampon again this month.  Get me one and I'll help you with it" she said.  I went to the cabinet to retrieve a tampon and gave it to her.  After lubing a little, she slid it into my bum.  "There, that should help" she said and put her arms around my waist.  "You'll have something much nicer in there in a few days.  I promise." 

As I go about my housework today, I know it may sound strange, but I'm finally enjoying my period. 


  1. When my sissy has her heavy flow she wears a overnight pad and I always make sure she has extra liners in her pocket.

  2. Sounds like you are a well-trained sissy.


    1. You have a very understanding and wonferful wife

  3. Doesn't sound strange at all . . . it sounds quite delightful!

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  5. I know how it is to get down from lack of attention. Diane does have a way of keeping you in check, then making you know she cares, it seems. I'm going to need a tampon here, as you have me leaking, terri! :)

  6. I enjoy having my period. I feel totally feminine, submissive and very girly when I am on my period. I wear a Tampax Pearl tampon and a Kotex overnight pad with wings. I have to carry a pink purse when I am on my period to hold my feminine hygiene products. My wife's friends recognize what the purse means and I get teased a lot when I am on my period.

    My first day of my period always includes two full two quart warm water enemas. The cramps and bloating are intended to give me the discomfort a woman experiences - and it works.

    Carrying a purse and getting enemas is humiliating and not so much fun but each and every month I get my period - just like every other girl.

  7. Do you retrain any of the enema after you insert your tampon?

  8. No, I usually can hold the first enema for a few minutes. The second enema I can hold longer- around ten minutes. But I fully expel both enemas before inserting my tampon.

    I only wear a tampon on the first day of my period. I wear a pad for the next six days.

    One month, for punishment, I received the two enemas every day for seven days. No fun, believe me.

    And once I had to wear panty liners every day for a full month.

  9. Lovely experience. Giselle

  10. My wife gives me a quart of tomato juice enema then tampons me. every morning for 4 days

  11. I never had this pleasure. It sounds humiliating need to feel this do I move forward? Do I ask my wife?

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  13. My FLR Wife just started making me wear Tampons for 3 days a month. She makes me wear Tampax Pearl Ultra tampons. These things are the size of a small dildo or butt-plug. I have gotten used to wearing bras and panties daily, and enjoy her strap-on pegging me almost daily. I actually orgasm from the pegging with no direct stimulation of my penis. She orgasms multiple times while pegging me.