Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Caught in Panties?

Most of the sissies I've chatted with either in real life or online, or those that I've exchanged emails with, began crossdressing, or at least had an urge to do something like that, at a relatively young age.  Many relate stories about their first experiences taking place some time while they were in grammar school. 

I remember my own early experiences, the very first taking place before I really even realized there was anything sexual to it.  Years later, while I also felt sexually attracted to girls, I continued to be sexually aroused by female clothing.  Talk about confused.  I did take solace in reading somewhere that most transvestites were totally heterosexual.  I felt relieved.  But to be honest, now that I've come to grips with my own bisexuality, I really doubt that's true.  Maybe it is.   However, in my opinion (and it's not a medically professional one by any means), I think that men who enjoy dressing in female clothing definitely have bisexual tendencies and feelings. 

"Oh oh?  What was that noise?"
But that's a topic for another time.  Yesterday, a sissy friend of mine asked me if I had ever been "caught in panties", or caught dressed in female clothing by a parent, relative, friend, or anyone in a position of authority while I was young.  I can honestly say that I was never caught red-handed, although I had many, many close calls.  There were even a few times where my mother found some of my sister's panties in my room or in my drawer.  I denied any knowledge of how they got there, even going so far as to accuse my sister of planting them there as a prank. 

Looking back, I'm sure my mom suspected but never really said anything.   My sisters would tease me about it but the teasing never really got out of hand. 

I do remember however rushing around to hide things when someone came home unexpectedly.  Those close calls had my heart racing many, many times.  A few times, I had to throw my jeans or other clothes on over a bra and panties and wait until the coast was clear to take them off and put them away unnoticed. 

I think I'm one of the lucky sissies out there.  Based upon my discussions with others, many of them have been caught in either their mother's, sister's, cousin's or even wife's lingerie and the ensuing hysterics weren't that pleasant.  Perhaps looking back though, they did enjoy the humiliation!


  1. I was never caught although did have some close calls! I'm certain I wouldn't have enjoyed it though. The thought terrified me.

  2. Dear Terri,

    I was never caught wearing panties, however I still remember when some pairs that I had taken from my sister and one of my friend's mother, were discovered when I was in 1st or 2nd grade. I did not enjoy it and still 30+ years later I cringe with embarrassment when I think of it.


  3. Actually, I was caught twice by my mother. One time, when I was about 12, I wore a pair of her pantyhose under my jeans all day. As I was getting ready for bed, with my door closed, I started to take my pants off. I was facing the door, had unbuttoned my jeans, pulled down the zipper and I was pushing them down. They were just past my crotch when the door opened, and I yanked them up very quickly. She did not anything, so I figured I had been quick enough. Years later, however, she admitted that she had seen the pantyhose.

    Technically, I've been caught by my wife, but it's not the same thing. Early in our relationship, she knew about my cross-dressing. We played just a bit with it. But she's the type of out of sight, out of mind. She was never that into it, so we dropped it. But recently, while she was supposed to be gone for a while, I did dress and put on make-up. When she returned sooner than I expected (I did have forewarning she was coming home, but I had to get all of the clothes off and put away and get make-up off), we were talking and blurted out "are you wearing make-up!?!" I had not gotten all of the eyeliner off.

    Other than those times, I haven't been caught - as far as I know!

  4. Terri,

    Such a shame that you were never "caught." Personally, I think a sissy's life is incomplete without such an incident. Maybe Diane can make it up to you in some way.


  5. I had to chuckle reading this post. What you wrote was pretty much all true with me and I am sure most t-girls!

  6. Oh anyway, my sister confronted me with getting into her panty drawer and closet. She was good about it, actually gave me some hand-me-downs! I was probably 13. A little later, my mother was bringing laundry to my room. She opens the door and I am standing there in a short dress my sister game me! She also let it slide. I was very fortunate!

  7. I had a bunch of close calls. Finally my wife caught me, when she couldn't find birthday party event and came home WAY early. I was at computer checking out pics of girls, and I was wearing bra and panties. Well, it did lead to opening up about things and fun...but what a spooky moment!

  8. My father caught me when I was about 15, I was embarassed as hell. I was dressed in bra,panties,slip & bunny slippers. The next day when he drove me to school I figured I was going to catch hell but, he never said nothing. So I figured, what the hell!!

  9. I was never caught by my mom or sisters. However, when I started working and traveling, I'd purposely get caught by a room service waitress or maid when answering the door ;)

  10. Saw a movie about ancient Roman soldiers or something. Used some of sisters underwear to imitate Roman soldiers in battle. The underwear won the battle and took control of my mind.

  11. when i was a teenager i used to get a big kick out of transforming myself and wearing my moms/sisters lingerie and heels. i wore my sisters fall shaved my legs made a landing strip applied makeup the whole works. i was 5'10" 135 lbs so in my mind i looked felt like a girl. a really horny girl. i didn't wear panties because i wanted to look at myself and feel the slips petty coats rub against me. my mom and sister caught me once and my mother forced me to sit on a kitchen stool all prettied up with my hardon exposed. they ate lunch as i set helplessly throbbing. they decided to take me shopping for my own items and exposing my charade in the process. over the next few yrs lots of sales persons joined in their fun. they enjoyed humiliating me like this until i graduated and moved out. thats another story.

  12. If only my “caught” experience were like those above. I was 13 years old and had been wearing my 14 year old sister’s panties for at least a year. I don’t have to explain why or the feeling. My 17 year old sister had suspected something for a long time because it was her job to do the laundry and put it away. But one week during the summer, it was strange my sister was away at camp but she still had panties in the laundry. The day I was caught was a usual Saturday; dad was playing golf, mother was in the kitchen and my younger sister was playing in her room. I was in my room with the door closed and locked and was admiring myself in the mirror when there was a click in my door knob. Did you know you can push a small screw driver in the door knob hole and unlock the door? In barged my sister. She grabbed my arm and led me to the kitchen to show my mother what I was doing. My mother was absolutely shocked and for a second didn’t seem to know what to do but she recovered quickly. My younger sister hearing the commotion arrived to see me in her panties. Then one of the most embarrassing moments of my young life happened. I was ordered to take off the panties immediately. I pleaded but to no avail. While I was taking off the panties my mother was reaching in a drawer. When I looked up from taking off the panties she was holding a spatula and was pulling out a chair. She was soon sitting in that chair and I was over her knee getting my bottom spanked to my sister’s delight. I was totally embarrassed as I had not been seen naked by my sisters in years. I was then sent to my room. Later my mother came to my room and hand the pair of panties to me and told me to put them on and nothing else; I was going to wear them the rest of the day. Needless to say when dad came home there was a very interesting conversation. I never again wore panties until I left home and now I wear them all the time.

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