Sunday, February 12, 2012

Favorite Cuckold Blogs

Cuckolding's been on my mind quite a bit lately.  Diane has her lunch date with Brian, her old friend from high school that we recently met at a wedding, and we've been discussing the whole thing rather frequently.  Since our interest in cuckolding has been piqued, I've discovered many blogs that touch on the subject, with some of them having it as their main or even exclusive theme. 

Originally, I started out wanting to make this just a "sissy" blog, focusing on what it's like to be a married sissy-wife to a somewhat dominant woman.  I also wanted it to have different sections that might serve as resources to other submissives and even Dominants because we can all learn from one another. But with Diane's interest in Brian, and her becoming more active in cuckolding me again, I've decided to include a few of my favorite cuckold blogs on a separate blog list.

You'll find the list on the right hand side of the blog right beneath my followers.  I've only listed three so far, but they're what I consider to be the BEST OF THE BEST!  In my opinion, each blog presents cuckolding in a very different lights and most importantly are real life situations.  Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse, All Mine & Fetish Furniture Factory are blogs I've discovered that have become daily reads for me. 

I'll add more I'm sure, but for now, these three have given me plenty to think about. 

Hope everyone is having a happy sissy Sunday! 


  1. Hi terri,

    We're flattered that you think so highly of us. Pretty panties, by the way.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  2. terri,

    I agree that these three are among the best. Each excellent in their own way!


  3. Cuckolding is always on my mind too and I know it's always on hubbys. Great site!

  4. I always thought the idea of cuckolding So hot I finally got what I wanted my wife would take a nice long bath I would give her a complete body massage help her pick out her outfit in waiting at home for her to come home in the morning until she left me for the guy that she was cut holding me with who can blame her is better looking made more money give her what she needed