Thursday, January 19, 2017

Something's Missing

Sex therapists and even medical professionals like to stress the importance of foreplay when it comes to sex.  I'm not here to disagree.  Foreplay (and that included the kinky kind) is certainly a critical part of the entire sexual experience.  Here's an article from Web MD  that broaches the subject.

Be honest, a spontaneous orgasm without any type of erotic buildup would be kind of a dud wouldn't it?

Which leads me to my most recent encounter with Paul.  As sex with my lover goes, it ranked among the best I've had.  I was most appreciative, responded in kind and when it was over felt very, very satisfied.

Was I completely satisfied?  No.  There was something (and someone) missing.

"After-play" is nice too.  There's the cuddling with your lover that makes you feel all warm and special, and that's a nice way to cap off a hot round of making love.  But in my case, it's not the best way.

Cuckolding has raised the bar.  I've become very hard to please totally.

When my sissy cuckold's not around.  There's something missing. 

There's no better after-play than having my sissy wife attending to me between my thighs after I've been "sexed."


Monday, January 16, 2017

Over Her Lap

Diane's given me plenty of slack over the past couple of weeks when it comes to some of my domestic duties and several other things.  She's also very proud of me for continuing to maintain a "perfectly chaste" month of January, remaining locked up in my Holy Trainer for the entire time.

However, i've not been the similarly perfect submissive in Her view.

"You failed to remind me that Saturday was male chastity day" She pointed out to me last night while busy on Her iPad.

"Sorry, i didn't know anything about it" i told Her. 

Honesty is the best policy.

"It's your job to know.  Put some punishment panties on before bedtime.  It's been awhile anyway" She snickered referring to the last time i've been disciplined.

From the picture, it would appear that this day would be intended for those men who aren't currently in chastity.  i'm locked every day.  January 14th was just another day for me.

Regardless, i spent time over Diane's lap in my pink punishment panties accepting fourteen hard stokes from the hairbrush.


sissy terri

Sunday, January 15, 2017

On Orgasms, Mine and hers

Over the last ten days the two of us have had to fly back east separately and return the same way.   We were apart for much of the time.  Juggling my work schedule to accommodate this absence only added to this time apart when we were finally back home together.  And until this past weekend began, I've been in kind of an orgasm drought. 

Some morning worship the past two days has helped turned things around and put me in a far better mood.  It's going to be more of the same over the next week or so, making the attention my sissy wife's been giving me all the more important.

Paul?  Oh he's still very much in the picture, though my next "full" hookup with him isn't likely until at least the middle of next week.    Our last session together was a memorable one, almost a prototypical cuckolding scene at a downtown hotel.  There was the naughtiness of meeting him there after he had checked in around 3:30 PM, epic sex and  the summoning of my sissy cuckold when it was all over.

Terri arrived with a change of clothes for me (we were headed to a basketball game later that night) but there was much to do before I changed and left to root for our local heroes.  With the warm feeling of Paul still fresh in me, there were two more orgasms to be had.  They would be the last I would enjoy from my lovers for several days. 

Through it all my sissy's remained locked and chaste.  Pretty remarkable considering all that's happened.  Fourteen days into the month of January, she's yet to have an orgasm.  Will she go a whole month without? 

I love the control I have over her.  I love keeping her locked.  I love that I'm the one that can decide if and when she's allowed to have an orgasm. 

However, part of the enjoyment comes from seeing her have that orgasm.  Knowing that I'm the one who let her, and I'm the one who decided how she was going to enjoy it. 

I kind of miss seeing her enjoy an orgasm.  Maybe she may not go the entire month without one.

Maybe I'll let her have one for my own enjoyment.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

No Chastity Change

Though recent developments haven't given either one of us much time to blog there's been really no change on the chastity front.  The  Daily Chasity Report arrives in my inbox every day and eleven days into 2017 my wife's been in her Holy Trainer 100% of the time; remarkable considering the circumstances.

Though my orgasms haven't gotten off to the best of starts, hers are right on track.   I've had fewer than anticipated and she's had none at all.

Some things change a little and some things don't change at all.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Blog Break

It's been quiet here for the past several days and for good reasons.

We're fine but won't be blogging for a bit.

No worries.  I'm still in charge and I still have a sissy cuckold wife :)


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Game Day

A rather unique cuckolding situation will be unfolding for us later this afternoon, and i didn't find out about it until early this morning.  Just call it my "morning surprise."

"Finally" Diane exclaimed early this morning after scanning her email messages on her iPhone shortly after She woke up.    It's one of the first things She does each morning after getting Her first cup of coffee.  There are sometimes text messages to be read as well, some from Paul on occasion with the others mostly from peers or others back at the office. 

It was obvious from Her reaction to what She had read that something had arrived (or happened) that She'd been waiting for with great anticipation. 

"Guess who I'm seeing this afternoon?" She asked.  Her tone and broad smile made the answer obvious.

"Really?  When and where?" i asked, thinking that they might be heading back here for an afternoon tryst, in the same bed i was laying in when i asked the questions.

"Around 4. Downtown.  Paul got us a room" She said with an even broader grin.

"You know there's a game tonight" i said, referencing our local college's league opener to which we have tickets.

"Of course.  That's why we got a room downtown.   It's only a few blocks from the game" She said.  "You can meet me at the hotel and we can head to the game."

There's still a few things to be finalized.  The logistics of it all are a work in progress.  There's at least one change of clothes i have to bring along, the timing of my arrival and the possibility that the two of us might just stay the night in the room.  

Earlier yesterday evening we were discussing whether or not Diane would come home after work or stay at the office and get some work done until the game's later-than-usual start.  She was never able to come to a decision on what She was going to do.  " much dead time..." i remember Her saying. 

Her indecision was highly unusual, She usually makes such decisions quickly and decisively.  Now i know why. 

No more "dead time."  Diane's "drought" when it comes to Paul is finally over and for that matter, so is mine.


sissy terri

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Finding the right Bra Size

Haven't provided any sissy fashion or shopping tips in awhile so i thought i'd share what the folks over at "Her Room" have come up with to take the guess work out of finding the right bra size.

Not every gurl is fortunate enough to get properly fitted for a quality bra, and even if you were there are times when you have to take advantage of the convenience and sale prices of online shopping.  That's when Her Room's Universal Cup Sizing (UCS( System  comes in!

No more having to worry about being a 36DD in a Bali and a different cup size in a Maidenform.  With Her Room's UCS, you just go to their website, enter the size of your bra and they will let you know what your Universal Cup Size is.  And all of their brands are sized accordingly!

If you've gone through the trouble and expense to buy some high quality breast forms like some of us have, then it makes sense to make sure you get a bra that fits properly.


sissy terri