Monday, October 20, 2014

Surrounded by Femininity

Our household was oozing with femininity this weekend.  As part of the preparations for my daughter's wedding next year, our two daughters were here along with four of the five bridesmaids who will be part of the wedding party!  Naturally our lifestyle takes a back burner when our daughters are around but that doesn't mean that Diane is any less in charge.  It's just not noticeable. 

There was plenty of shopping and bridal related tasks for all the girls to do which did give me some free time to see Jake.  That's a story for later this week; serving him while in chastity is more difficult than i thought it would be and also emotionally and psychologically challenging.

The Sissy Brides
All the girls are gone and it's back to "normal" for the rest of the week.

Whenever the upcoming wedding is discussed, planned, or like this weekend, taking up almost 100% of our time, my sissy mind can't help fantasize about being a bride.  i've written about it numerous times here and the fantasy never, ever goes away.

There's just so many beautiful bridal fashions out there i truly don't know where i would begin if i ever had the opportunity to be a real bride. No wonder brides-to-be take so long to make a decision
about what they'll wear on their big day!

i know i'd be more traditional and want something very elegant and feminine.  However, i would also like to try on as many gowns as possible :)


sissy terri

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pajama Party

All of my deep sissy fantasies don't necessarily involve sex.  Some are just girly things that i've never had a chance to experience.

One of these would be an old fashioned pajama party with other girls (or gurls)!  When i was younger, my older sisters would either have or attend these.  They didn't intrigue me until i got a little older and by then, their rooms were "off limits" to me and all i could hear was the laughing and giggling that went on.

As i grew older, i fantasized about what it would be like to be included or invited to these parties.  i'd fantasize about what i'd wear and what all the other girls would be wearing, what we'd talk about, the games we would play, etc.  i still fantasize about it.

i now wonder what a pajama party for sissies would be like?  Maybe i should throw one?  i wonder if Diane would let me?  Who would i invite?

Baby doll pajamas would be required!


sissy terri

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Sissy's True Confessions

i didn't go into great detail in my last post about the conversation i had with Jake last Thursday.  The more we talked, the more comfortable i got and i ended up sharing quite a few things with him that i never thought i'd be able to.  Most important is that i did this with Diane' permission. 

It was a huge step for me.  It also makes me feel better about myself and about not hiding anything.  i didn't plan it this way but Jake knows about 1) this blog, 2) my tumblr blog and 3) Diane and my Female Led Relationship and 4) Her cuckolding me.  Naturally, by knowing about either numbers 1or 2, Jake would have figured out both numbers 3 and 4.

There's a sense of relief by telling him the truth.  i feel less anxious about things.  Rather than lead him on that Diane doesn't know about certain things while She actually does, Jake now knows everything.  Like i said, i didn't originally plan it this way but happy it turned out like it did.  i didn't write about this yesterday because after we parted on Thursday, i told Jake to take some time to read the blog and to call me after he was done.  There are many posts and i figured it would take some time.  When i posted yesterday, he hadn't called me back yet.

i got that call today.  Naturally, he has many, many questions.  Who wouldn't have?  But the good news is that he saw nothing that would cause him to change his mind about us getting together again and developing a regular relationship.  i was very nervous about that even though he had already told me he doubted anything would change his mind.  But the reassurance i got this morning was very welcome.

He was amazed at my tumblr blog and said that he loves the insight it gives him into my sissy fantasies!  That led me to tell him something else, something i don't post about either here (i may have a few times) or on my tumblr.  i told Jake that whenever i see pictures that portray women as very submissive to a man, i see myself in that picture and want to be the woman!  It happens all the time.  It could be a woman on a leash being led by a man, a woman in bondage serving a man or other various types of D/s scenarios involving Male Doms and female subs.

"Well, you should either start posting them somewhere or send me the pictures you like" Jake said.  Wow....he might be sorry he said that.  i may be inundating his inbox with pictures/ideas.  i also might become a little more liberal in what i post on my blogs!


sissy terri

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Sissy in Chastity

i haven't been able to post because of some personal commitments both Diane and i have had this weekend.  This one is also going to be a little short, but i've been dying to tell everyone that my meeting with Jake on Thursday went real well.  It wasn't rushed, we had time to talk privately so that i could tell him everything i wanted to and best of all, he was more than accepting of Diane's decision to insist on chastity when i see him.

Our meeting could be summed up very well in two short sentences he said to me:  "Why should I care if you're in chastity or not?  When we're together you'll be there to please me and your pleasure will be secondary."  It's the most dominant thin he's ever said to me.  It's evident that he wants to be far more dominant with me than he ever was before.

There's also another wrinkle that's changed things a bit since we last met.  Jake is getting divorced.  It will be final in a few weeks.  His divorce has nothing to do with his bisexual desires or me at all.  It's not even a nasty divorce.  It's an amicable break up and Jake is going to keep his house here, at least for now unless he decides it's just too big.  He teased that he's now going to need a "lady of the house" once and awhile and asked if i was interested!

The afternoon ended with my following him to his house.  We didn't have much time because i had something going on Thursday evening with Diane, but there was time enough for what he wanted.

After sliding down the pantyhose i was wearing and dropping my pink panties so he could check out my CB-3000, i dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth.  The combination of sucking his cock and being in chastity created as submissive a feeling as i've ever felt.

From Jake's reaction he enjoyed it plenty as well.  "It's been way too long" he said.  True.  It has.  Now that we're back together, this is going to be a regular thing.  i'm going to get used to serving in chastity -  both Diane and Jake.


sissy terri

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Full Cut Panties and Fall Hosiery Styles

i'm slowly getting accustomed to my CB-3000.  Daytime wear isn't that much of a problem (unless i become aroused and even then, the discomfort isn't as bad as i thought it would be) but wearing it to sleep results in quite a bit of discomfort in the morning.   A couple of my readers commented on my earlier post that "morning wood" would be a problem. 

Diane laughed when i mentioned this to Her.  "Morning wood?" She giggled.  "I think you mean an enlarged clitty!"  It was a cute joke and being accustomed to these comments, i took it in stride and appreciated Her sense of humor.  For now, Diane doesn't make me wear it at night.  At least i'm under close supervision as She sleeps by my side :)

Full Back Panties
i've also found that i'm more comfortable wearing a "full cut panty" when the CB-3000 is on.  If the panty i wear is too small, the extra bulk of the CB stretches it out and the leg openings seem to rub against my testicles causing a little bit of irritation.  i also mentioned this to Diane and She thought itwas a good idea that i wear a panty that "covers everything."

I'm going to have to do some shopping for more full cut panties.  Many in that style are plain.  Even though i love the plain pastels, i want to vary my selection so that i can get some that have pretty lace, trims and bows like the panty shown here.

i'm prepared to meet with Jake tomorrow, at which time i'm going to tell him about the conditions Diane has set for my seeing him.  It's going to be a long discussion.  i want to explain things fully to him; how Diane knows not only about my dressing, but about my seeing him.  i'll also tell him about Her Dominance over me, most of our lifestyle and Her decision to put me in chastity.  i'm going to be honest and up front with him.  It's the best way to go and given the circumstances, i don't have much choice.

i'm glad some of you enjoyed yesterday's post about the Maidenform sale.  i should also mention that i get a daily email from Bare Necessities.  This company has an excellent panty selection that features all the brand names in various styles.  Today's email blast from Bare Necessities promoted "6 Must Have Hosiery Styles!  Check it out.  Why miss out on all this sissy fun?


sissy terri

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sissy Shopping - Bras BOGO 1/2 Off!

My sissy inbox is always overflowing with promotional emails from all the brand name lingerie stores and websites.  A gurl needs to stay in tune with the latest styles and even more important, the sales!

Today i happened to take advantage of Maidenform's sale of its most popular bras and shape wear - buy one and get one for 50% off.  Not a bargain basement price but a good deal just the same.  And for you sissies who are either too shy or too busy to go shopping for these in person, then this online sale is perfect for you!

While you're browsing their site, why not sign up for their newsletter?  It's like a daily reminder of your femininity!  Sissy shopping and browsing can be fun, even from the privacy of your own home or better yet, boudoir!


sissy terri

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sissy Workouts

i exchanged a few emails with Jake yesterday and early this morning.  We're going to meet for coffee on Thursday for sure.  Between now and then we'll probably talk some on the phone as well. 

i'm going to let him know that i want to see him again and tell him how eager i am to explore what appears to be a much more Dominant Jake.  Our email exchanges thus far have indicated that he surely wants it that way.  i'm also going to bring up the subject of the CB-3000 and the reason i'm being forced to wear it when with him.  It's simply a condition of Diane giving me permission.  He's going to find out about my total submission to Her.  Until then, i'm putting together some "bullet points" that i want to bring up in our chat.  i want to be prepared.

Preparation for the meeting is also going to involve working on my physical appearance.  i'm in pretty good shape, but i want to be in the best shape i can be in when i see Jake again.  i've already lost a couple of pounds and want to lose a few more (a total of five pounds) by Thursday. 

These types of preparations make me feel more feminine and submissive.  Toning my body so that it's pleasing to Jake.  i'll be dieting and going to the gym regularly, but i've also thought about a few other activities that might be fun.....

How about working with a hula hoop to tone my waist and hips?

Or maybe a round of golf?

Tennis is a great sport for sissies.  Is it more fun to play, or get dressed for the match?

There were never any real girls on my little league team, but i know there was at least one gurl!

Football?  i'm not sure....i think it would take a pretty tough sissy to play that game :)


sissy terri