Monday, July 25, 2016

Shopping for Pretty Panties

"Before vacation's over, I'd like to go panty shopping" Diane said.

i admitted that i was thinking the same thing, just not at that time.  The idea had been on my mind a day earlier.  It's something we usually do when we're on vacation away from home. 

Call it a combination "sissy/FemDom" tradition for us.  During several of these panty shopping excursions, Diane hasn't exactly gone out of Her way to hide the fact that the panty's we were buying weren't for Her!

Panty shopping can be exciting (embarrassing as well) but the more you do it, the more disappointing and frustrating it can be.  How so you might ask?

Because panties and unique panties are hard to find on a brick and mortar shopping trip!

For instance, you're not likely to find this very sissy panty at your local mall...

And this one isn't on display at Victoria's Secret either...

You're more likely to find something close to this pair, but you'll have to spend a lot of time looking!

But let's be honest.  The thrill a submissive sissy gets from panty shopping with their Domme is derived primarily from the "pursuit" instead of the "catch."

Besides, i have plenty of panties already.


sissy terri

Friday, July 22, 2016

Like Old Times

Sex bloggers come and go.  Many blog for a short while then disappear.  Most aren't miss. 

But it's disappointing when the good ones go "dark."  There's always hope that you'll get a chance to read their stuff again.

So when the lights go back on, either on their old blogs or on a new one, it makes my day.

One of my favorites has returned and W/we are both happy to have Her back in the sex blogosphere.

i'm talking about Ms. Vanessa Chaland and Her new blog "Queening Chairs."

Just an FYI...there's more to the blog than just discussions about "furniture."

Welcome back Ms. Vanessa!


sissy terri

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Cuckold Delegation

No, we are not at the Republican National Convention.  Nor are we attending the Democratic convention either.  Yes, we are on vacation for a few weeks but those gatherings aren't on either of our agendas.

However, things did get exciting last night in Cleveland.  All the pledges and promises aside, it's not unreasonable for a candidate to change their mind when it comes to endorsement considering all that's been said, written, tweeted, etc. between opponents.

That being said, i have to wonder who the "cuckold delegation" will be endorsing in the November election.

This article from "Death and Taxes"  might give you a clue.  Here's another link from an earlier article on Gawker.  This has me wondering if sales of male chastity devices are also strong in these states. 

It's a good bet there are more cuckolds in Cleveland this week than there will be in Philadelphia next week. 


sissy terri

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"What's New?"

Visiting with family and friends we haven't seen in some time and catching up on things....

"So what's new with you guys?"

Hmmmm.....let me see.  Where do I start?  Where should I start?

"Well, I don't think we've seen you since I put terri in chastity?" I should say.

But I don't.

Instead it's all polite but very vanilla and relatively boring conversation.

Vacations are nice.  They're an escape.  But sometimes, they almost feel obligatory.

Maybe I'll do something to spice up the next one.

I'll just have to make sure the water's pretty warm.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Missing Sissy Things

Vacations are always nice but...

...they're certainly a break from the norm.  And i do miss some things that are part of a sissy wife's day.

Like the ironing....

...and washing the bathrooms...

 doing the dishes...

and cleaning the floors.

Somehow, i'm managing to deal with it.


sissy terri

Friday, July 15, 2016

"....just like a girl..."

i've always found orgasms to be the result of far more than just physical stimulation.  i'm sure part of that is because i probably possess a few more "feminine" characteristics than most  The best orgasms are the result the right blend of mental and physical stimulation.

They (orgasms) are also very good when you haven't had one in a long time.  Like the one i had last night. 

As promised, i was "very ready" for Diane when She got home last night.  Everything was carefully laid out (Her strap-on, harness and lubricant), the bed taken down and i was in a very pretty peach colored babydoll. 

As much as i hoped to be freed from my Holy Trainer for the session of lovemaking, it was not to be.  Diane admitted to me right away that Her decision to keep me locked was indeed a selfish one.  She enjoys the challenge of trying to make me cum while in the cage while She uses Her strap-on on me.  It hasn't happened often and, never in the new Holy Trainer.

That changed last night thanks to Diane's skillful and masterful use of the strap-on as well as Her ability to push my emotional "sissy" buttons.  It took some time and accepting Her in several different positions, but the long wait was worth it.

And so with Diane sensing i was close to an orgasm, all it took was a firm slap on the ass, a gentle push of the head of Her dildo against my prostate and Her proclaiming that "....I think you're ready to cum just like a girl..." to put me beyond the  point of no return.

The long orgasm drought is over for me.  A new one begins.

And for Diane, She's very proud of how good She is with Her strap-on.


sissy terri

Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Turn to "Get....."

Diane can be very blunt at times.  "I got laid last night, tomorrow night will be your turn" She said.  Spoken like a trucker and not a classy professional woman.  "Be prepared.  I should be home early" She said and added "and make sure you are very ready."

The emphasis on "very" made it clear that this is going to be a lengthy and "full blown" lovemaking/pegging session.  i'll have all day to prepare, and for sessions like this, sometimes i need it. 

"Do you think it's possible that i might be allowed out of my Holy Trainer?" i asked Her in the kindest of ways.

"You know what happens when I do that" She said with a slightly annoyed look.  "It's over far too quickly.  It's supposed to be fun for me too" She added with a laugh.

It's been a long time since my last orgasm either in or out of my cage.  At this point, i'm not picky.

The slightest little touch against my "g-spot" from Diane's strap-on might be all it takes. 

And i'll be very ready.


sissy terri