Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Bull, My Cuckold & Our Corsets

My Wednesday afternoon sex with Paul was most excellent yesterday.  Nothing wrong with it at all as far as I can remember.  Three significant orgasms and several smaller one's isn't too shabby for an afternoon quickie with my side dish.  But there's always room for improvement.

Yesterday's session would have been better if my sissy wife was there to watch.  Or maybe just there and not able to watch.  Either way, having her in the room while I do it with Paul is nice.  Just go ahead and call me kinky, a slut or whatever you want.  The more I do this the more I like it.

There's nothing wrong with just having sex with your lover.  Done it many times and loved it!  I just like it when my submissive sissy wife is close by in case I need her.

I kind of missed seeing my dominant lover Paul lace the sissy into her corset like he did two weeks ago.  How can Paul possibly get better at it if he doesn't practice?

Considering it was his first attempt he did a very commendable job.  It was quite a sight to see wifey get all trussed up by a real man.  I don't think she'll fully admit how much she liked it.

Turns out that afternoon was made even more special by this lovely sketch I received from terri's big sissy sister Jo.  She captured the essence of the scene just perfectly!

As erotic as the corseting was, the lovemaking that followed was even better.

Unfortunately our cuckold wasn't allowed to watch.  But somebody had to be watching?

Jo, were you hiding in the closet? Peeking through the keyhole?

You're so naughty, but in a very nice way :)  Thanks Jo!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Preparations for Cuckolding

i have 4:30 to 6:30 PM blocked off for Diane and Paul on the cuckold calendar for tomorrow.   It's going to be a pretty tight schedule.  Diane has a meeting another engagement at 7PM that's nearly a half hour drive from our home.  And it's unlikely both of them will be here much before 4:30.  With bookend commitments on this two hour sex window, they'll have to make the most efficient use of their time.

Unfortunately, my own schedule won't permit me to be in attendance.  Right around the time they're likely to be at the apex of their favorite activity, i'll hopefully be in the air on my way to earn a few dollars to pay for the recent over-priced wedding we sprung for.  At least the newlyweds are still married and appreciative. 

"But don't worry, you'll still have time to participate in our afternoon in some way" Diane said smugly.

"And how's that going to happen?" i asked.

"I'll have some pretty explicit set-up instructions for you.  You'll have plenty of time to get them done before you leave for the airport" She added.

i've had to do this type of thing before.  Lay out one of Diane's sexiest negligees, take down the bed, maybe chill a bottle of wine and maybe another minor little detail or two. 

Diane could sense my disappointment.  What makes it worse is that She's not the one responsible for my absence.

"If it makes you feel any better, you should know that i love walking in the room and seeing all the preparations you've taken care of.  It shows you love me" She said.

And i do love Her.  More than anything.  i just wish i could be there.


sissy terri

Monday, May 18, 2015

Bows on Babydolls

Diane is a verbal teasing.  Whether it be a public comment containing some little innuendo that only She and i understand, or a very direct and pointed remark that serves to point our Her Dominance and my submission, She really knows how to push my buttons.

Yesterday Her "Why don't you go put something pretty on for me" was not unexpectedly fallowed by "and take my strap-on out just in case" was just a routine example of how Her words can put me in "the mood" very quickly.  Fast forward about 30 minutes, Her own orgasm complete and thoroughly savored, the strap-on and harness sexily secured to her groin area, Diane was ready to continue Her verbal titillating. 

The teasing used to increase my arousal and add to the intensity of my orgasms.  Now, unless it happens to be a day Diane allows me to have an orgasm, Her words just increase my arousal.  Wearing a peach colored babydoll while She made love to me, i listened to Her taunts, trying my best to orgasm in the cage.   It didn't happen.

"Do all your sissy sisters like babydolls as much as you do?" She asked with a chuckle.  "Why don't you invite them all over for a pajama party and we can find out.  I'm sure they'd love to see your collection."

i later let Her in on a little sissy secret:  i'd already discussed the possibility with more than one of my sissy sisters.  "i'm quite sure they'd all be very willing.  Are You giving me permission?" i asked Her.  "Sure...but there would be rules" She answered, declining to get into any specifics. 

Naturally, the thought of a sissy sister pajama party has me thinking.  Who knows what Diane's rules would be.  Maybe everyone would have to show up already in chastity with permission slips from their wives or significant others!  What about the dress code?  Sleeping arrangements?  There's so much to consider.

Not that i'd be allowed any input but if i were, i'd insist that babydoll pajamas be the required nightwear for their entire stay.  And for the actual "pajama party", their babydolls would have to have a pretty bow on it.

Here are some suggestions for each of my sissy sisters....

Leeanne loves to show off her flowing dark hair.  This babydoll does just that. And the bow is to die for!

Jo plays shy.  It might take us a little while to coax her out of the limo but once she's inside, she'll be the life of the party.

Candi, well she loves the sensual and slightly slutty look.  Even though she's incredibly bright, she loves to play the "typical blonde" role with a guy.  Can you blame her?

Penney's going to wear a relatively new babydoll, one with only one little pretty bow on the panty.  At least we'll know she's already been had in those panties!

As for me, i think i'd like a babydoll with plenty of ruffles on my butt and a "bow in the back."  i like to be a little different.

 All i have to do now is pick a date!


sissy terri

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bows on Swimsuits

It's not quite summer yet, but our pool (and the weather) has been warm enough for us to enjoy some swimming since early March.  With a lazy Sunday afternoon ahead, Diane suggested we spend some time just relaxing and lounging outside by the pool.  It will be just the two of us.  No guests today.  There shouldn't be any interruptions unless Paul happens to call.  If he has enough free time that could lead to a phone session with Diane and a trip indoors for awhile.  i hope i'm invited.

i don't have too many women's swimsuits.  i think i have five.  i should know exactly how many but i don't.  i know that sounds like a lot, especially for a male.  i have three one piece suits and two two piece suits.  For the most part, my suits are pretty "conservative" and not overly feminine but i would like to add at least one and maybe two more to my collection.

i realized that none of my suits have any bows on them.  i love bows and i think they add nice feminine touch to just about anything, and having one or two swimsuits with bows on them would be awesome. 

Here's one that i really like.  It would be even better in pink don't you think?

The bow doesn't necessarily have to be n the front either.

i'm definitely going to ask Diane if i can buy a new swimsuit or two before summer officially starts.  i know She's already bought at least one.  Maybe i can convince Her to get matching swimsuits like this...

Diane loves red ;)


sissy terri

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Discussing my Chastity

There are times when i'm a little self conscious when wearing my chastity device.  There are some pairs of slacks where i think it's a little more noticeable than others.  There's also times when an unexpected hug, one that's a little more intimate than i would have expected, from a female friend where the "hugger" brushes up against the hardness of the device.

Such a scene happened last night. Fortunately, it the hugger this time was someone who i know very well and who just happens to know of my cuckold and chastity status.  Diane's best friend Linda was over for a glass of wine and a few light snacks.  i hadn't seen her in a long time and she proceeded to give me one of those real tight hugs. 

i don't believe it was intentional but as she hugged me she was able to feel my device.  i also didn't want to awkwardly pull away and could tell immediately that she had felt the firmness of my cage.  The incident wasn't ignored either.  On the contrary, it led to a discussion about my chastity among the three of us.

"Oh! I had forgotten about that" Linda said when she was finished hugging me.

"i haven't" i joked, trying to make light of the situation and hoping that would be the end of it.  But it wasn't.

"Yes.  terri's been doing real well in chastity.  Locked almost 90% of the time right?" Diane said looking for me to verify the time i've spent in the cage so far this year.

"Yes, a little under 88% right now" i answered.

Linda was more than impressed, asking me how i've been able to maintain such a schedule.  The look on Diane's face was one where i knew i should provide an answer to Linda's question.  i did my best.  i told her how it was easier now than in the beginning and that i've just gotten used to it.  There were a few slightly embarrassing questions, both physiological and psychological, an indication that Linda seemed very comfortable discussing the subject and was also interested.

Diane chimed in now and then but for the most part let Linda ask the questions she wanted and allowed me to provide the answers.

i wasn't totally uncomfortable with the discussion.  At least i was allowed to participate rather than just sitting passively and listening to the two of them talk about me.  Giving my perspective on the chastity made all of it much easier.

i was worried that Linda might ask about orgasms.  She didn't. She probably assumed that my orgasms just took place when i was unlocked.  i did worry that Diane might interject at some point and let Linda know that i've been able to enjoy an orgasm while in the device.  

Fortunately She didn't bring it up and eventually the discussion took another direction. 


sissy terri

Friday, May 15, 2015

An Open Cuckold Calendar

Diane's lover Paul gets back in town later today, but at present there's nothing planned on the "cuckold calendar", even for next Wednesday.   Diane has a commitment that's going to take Her out of town for the day, making their mostly-regular Wednesday afternoon tryst impossible.  Between now and then, a last minute quick date might be possible. 

The weekend however does hold some promise for a phone sex session between the two, one where Diane has indicated She would enjoy having me involved.  She mentioned that to me this morning but added "That would be up to Paul.  He might want it to be a private session."

Leaving these types of decisions up to Paul is a not-so-subtle way for Diane to demonstrate that as Dominant as She is over me, there's a submissive streak in Her that She reserves for Paul.  Reminding me of that with comments like the one She made this morning makes me feel even more submissive.  It's a reminder that She'd never consider being submissive to me, but readily accepts and enjoys it with Paul.

Though Paul doesn't respond to my daily Chastity Report every day, he does so just often enough to provide me with reminders of his dominance similar to those that Diane throws out there.  Yesterday he wrote the following:


I'm happy to see that there's enough green on your chastity report to keep Diane minimally pleased until I get back.  And one lonely pink entry, an orgasm in your cage to boot!  Do you remember the last orgasm you had without the cage on?  This isn't a rhetorical question for you to ponder.  I really would like to know.

i couldn't remember the specific date and had to look it up on the chastity report.  Turns out the last orgasm i had without the cage took place on Monday, March 2nd.  It's something i'm somewhat embarrassed to report, but not as much as i would have been several months ago before we got into the chastity lifestyle full time. 

The first orgasm i enjoyed while locked came as somewhat of a surprise, though as the "build-up" was taking place, i realized that it would be possible.  And the second in the beginning of April, though less surprising, made me feel more submissive.  It was as if Diane had decided that since an orgasm in chastity was now possible, it would be the only way She would allow me to have one.

Diane hasn't made such a decision yet.  i've asked Her about it and She says it's very unlikely.  "Is it something you're worried about?" She asked me with a laugh.  i had to admit i was.  "Good.  But don't worry too much about it."  That was the end of our discussion.


sissy terri 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Loving Statement

We've all heard it before.  Heard it to compliment positive behavior or to criticize someone's wrongdoing.  It's the old adage "Actions speak louder than words."

Yesterday, Diane's actions were the equivalent of a sonic boom when it came to expressing Her love for me.  She's a very busy woman with plenty to do and plenty on Her mind.  She could have easily stayed at the office instead of coming time home early to spend time with me.  Sure, had She stayed at work it would have been a slight since She's usually her on Wednesday afternoon's with Her lover Paul.

Instead, She carved out time to be alone with Her sissy cuckold wife.  We had a wonderfully intimate time followed by a nice dinner out.  She even gave me today "off",  encouraging me to go out for a round of golf before the weather turns a little worse by the end of the week.  "I'll even post something on the blog" She told me.  i took Her up on Her offer.

i called a friend and we had an enjoyable albeit windy round of golf.  Golf is a game where handicaps are important.  Not only does each golfer's official handicap play an important role in most amateur matches or friendly games, but there are other types of handicaps that come in to play.  A windy day can favor some players more than others and can wreak havoc with one's score.

Maybe someday!
i also had to play with another handicap.  Yes, i played another round in chastity and did surprisingly well, shooting a 78 despite the wind and the cage over my privates.  But honestly, i've become so used to it that i'm really exaggerating the negative impact it might have on my game.  The only downside, i have to wait for a restroom to go to the bathroom instead of relieving myself in the bushes somewhere!  Typically sissy isn't it? 

Diane did text me to ask how my game went today and i was proud as a peacock that i'd broken 80 with the windy conditions (8 bogies and 2 birdies).  She also let me know that She wouldn't be posting today.  She was likely busy with things She could have taken care of yesterday.

So i decided to post.  Not just to brag about my golf score either.

i did want to brag however.  i want to brag about the beautiful and loving Wife i'm so lucky to have.

Thanks Diane.  i love You more than anything.


sissy terri