Friday, April 29, 2016

Sissy Surprises

i had a dream the other night that when i got home from my long business trip, Diane would have a surprise gift waiting for me.

It was a short dream and all i remember was that the gift was waiting for me in the bedroom.

Maybe it would be a pretty bra and panty set...

Or a  lovely new sissy skirt...

 Or better yet, a sexy pink babydoll to wear to bed tonight...

Or maybe, something totally different....

Whatever it is, i'll be happy to see Her!


sissy terri

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sissy Wives at Work

i'll be home soon, far more comfortable doing what i do best than taking part in stuffy boardroom meetings.

Doing things like cleaning the house....

Doing the ironing....

Washing the floors....

Doing the laundry....

Cooking Her meals....

And just being the best sissy wife i can be!


sissy terri

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Pile of Panties

My sissy wife's been gone for a long time and I miss her so much.

Before she left, she made me promise not to wash any of my panties while she's away. 

She needn't worry because I wasn't planning to.

That's her responsibility.  The dirty panties are piling up in the panty hamper waiting for her to come home.

It's time like this where an extra sissy would come in handy. 


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monitoring my Chastity

When i left on this business trip, i had four plastic numbered locks with me for my CB-3000.  Diane checked all the numbers and wrote them down.

The use of the locks was intended to work in the following way:
  • Leave home "unlocked" for trip to airport and fly to Destination A.
  • Upon arrival at Destination A, put on my CB-3000 and use the first plastic numbered lock. 
  • Remove the first plastic numbered lock as late as possible prior to flight to Destination B.
  • Upon arrival at Destination B,  put on the CB-3000 and use the second plastic numbered lock.
  • Remove the second plastic numbered lock as late as possible prior to the flight back home.
  • Pack the CB-3000 in my carry-on piece of luggage for the flight home.
  • As soon as possible after landing and prior to going to baggage claim, go to the men's room and put on the CB-3000 and use the third plastic numbered lock.
So with four plastic numbered locks to begin with, i have one extra in case of an "emergency."  So far, i haven't had to deviate from the plan.

There have been some "check points" along the way.  Diane knows which lock i should be wearing at a specific time and twice has asked for "proof" - a text with a picture of my locked status with the appropriate lock in place.

One such time was late last night.  It was after 11:30 PM where i was and three hours earlier back home.   It was a playful demand but a serious one just the same.  She found humor in the fact that She  has the authority to ask for proof whenever She wants it and that i comply with Her request so easily.  The seriousness of the request lay in the consequences i would face if i weren't in compliance.

i thought about this for awhile after i'd sent Her the text She wanted.  She was happy and our conversation turned to more vanilla topics before we said goodnight to one another.  i thought about the "consequences" of non-compliance.  What's the worst that could happen?

Telling me She's not interested in this lifestyle anymore....that would be the worst.


sissy terri

Monday, April 25, 2016

Ready to Rhumba?

Secrets in Lace has this beautiful trio of rhumba panties that aren't your typical sissy rhumba panties.

They come in pink.... if you're feeling really sissy.

They also come in white....which in addition to matching with just about anything, make a lovely addition to any bridal ensemble you might feel like
putting together.

And they even come in a sexy shade of black for the more Dominant "Lady of the House."

"Paul likes me in black lingerie" Diane says, "and this is prefect for those times when he wants me to be a girly girl!"

Of course Diane knows that She can borrow a pair of my panties any time She wants.

Too bad we didn't get a discount for buying all three pairs!


sissy terri

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kudos to me

i've not been away from Diane for this long in a very long time.  Separation coupled with a change in time zones makes communication far different than what we are used to. 

While away however, the Daily Chastity Report continues to be filed and there's the occasional correspondence from Diane's lover Paul in response.  His responses have been brief but carried their intended impact, making me wonder if they were suggested by Diane.

Last Tuesday there was this:
Enjoyed myself on Sunday ;-) 
Then earlier today, in reference to my post on having to sew some bows once i get home:
You were right.  We did it three times.
Ouch.  i'm sure each time was enjoyable for both of them.

In the meantime, my business trip continues.

The flying has also caused me to remove my chastity belt a couple of times and reduced my percentage of time spent in chastity.  Other than the travel, there have been hours here and there where i've received permission to be "out" of the cage. Despite those, i'm approaching 95% for the entire time since we've started documenting it on 1/1/2015.  i'm giving myself a pat on the back for that one.

Someone else can give me a pat on the ass!


sissy terri

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Her Crop

Diane doesn't use Her riding crop on me often but when She does it's usually for good reason.  It's not all play.

However, there's plenty of teasing.  She loves to take the crop, hold it with one hand on each end so that She can hold it from behind as it pushes up against Her beautiful ass.

There's something sexy and sensual about the crop being firmly on Her ass when in a few minutes, it's going to be used against mine.


sissy terri