Monday, February 8, 2016

Golf with the Girls

It came as quite a surprise to me yesterday morning that two of Linda's girlfriends made up the other half of our golf foursome.  She insisted that she'd mentioned it on Saturday during her pedicure.

"Weren't you paying attention?  Diane asked me who we'd be playing with and I told her" Linda said after she'd introduced me to Patty and Celine. 

"I was paying attention to what I was doing and must have missed it" i said. 

As i drove off to our starting hole on the back nine for the shotgun start Linda teased me a bit when she said that "Wouldn't Patty and Celine be surprised to know that everyone in our foursome is wearing panties!"

"Maybe the would or maybe the wouldn't" i told her.  Not feeling particularly embarrassed or uncomfortable with comment i tried to add a little levity of my own.

"By the way, what color are your panties today?  Mine are pink" i said.

"I figured as much.  You should have told me ahead of time and we could have matched" She laughed, explaining that her own panties were black with "a nice touch of lace."

A couple of hours into the round i received a text from Diane asking if i was "having fun with the girls."  i told her i was and that despite all the "distractions" around me i was playing pretty well.  That was followed by a tongue-in-cheek "You stud!"

Yesterday's Super Bowl party was uneventful.  Though i was happy to see the Broncos win, neither one of us had any rooting interest in the game.  On our way to the neighbors Diane hinted that we may not stay for the whole game and i was kind of happy to hear that, hoping that we might return home for some evening worship and intimacy.  Instead, She seemed to be enjoying Herself and we stayed for the whole game.  The lack of an evening worship session was going to lead to an absence of "green"  on the chastity report.  No orgasm for Diane yesterday...or so i thought."

Just moments before i started this post there was this text from Diane:
"Forgot to tell you.  Had an o yesterday.  ps with p.  My mistake. Next time ask.  Don't assume."
The revised report will be dispatched soon.


sissy terri

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Golf & Football

i'm going to be enjoying today in a way that would appear to most to be any man's near perfect day - eighteen holes of golf followed by a Super Bowl party.  The party's been planned for about a week, but the golf date just came up yesterday afternoon when Linda was over for her pedicure.

Linda's a very good golfer and with Diane's permission invited me to join her for a "Pre-Super Bowl" golf special that was being held at the course very close to where she lives.  It's a 9 AM shotgun start and I'll be her playing partner.  We should finish in just enough time for me to get home, shower and get to the party about a half hour before kickoff.

Linda arrived around 3 PM yesterday afternoon, just after Diane had returned from a fairly long bike ride.  Diane was in the shower at the time and She didn't come downstairs until after i'd just started Linda's pedicure.

i always feel more submissive giving Linda a pedicure when Diane's milling around, and it's even worse when She just sits down and watches.  To make it just a bit more uncomfortable (for me anyway) Diane came down the stairs wearing a short white bathrobe with nothing on underneath, some slippers and with Her hair tied up in a towel.  She said hello to Linda and the two of them began their own conversation.

The golf invitation didn't come until there was a lull in the conversation.

"It's okay with me" Diane said.  "she knows when she needs to be home."  There was an emphasis on the feminine pronoun for Linda's sake which brought little if any reaction from her.  It wasn't mean spirited at all and something that by now, i've grown used to.  It appears that Linda has too.

Golf and football can be a rather masculine combination.  That is unless you're wearing panties and a chastity device while your playing one and watching the other!


sissy terri

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Apron Days & Pedicures

i suppose it would almost be un-American if we didn't attend a Super Bowl Party this year.  We didn't last year since we were both traveling, flying the friendly skies while the big game was going on.  i remember Diane telling me that "submissives should serve at Super Bowl parties instead of watching the game."

i won't be serving at one again this year, instead opting for a very ordinary role as a party participant.  The party will be at a neighbor's who like us, have no particular rooting interest for either team.  It kind of makes for a rather dull party.  Passionate fans add some flavor to Super Bowl parties.  This one could be very vanilla, with the exception of my discreetly hidden lingerie and CB-3000 or Jailbird!

But there's no time for parties today.  This sissy is going to be quite busy.  Diane likes to call days like this "apron days."  Apron days consist of "real housework", not the fantasy kind where i can wear the fanciest of maids uniforms.

We have guests arriving on Tuesday for a two week stay and Diane wants the house to look perfect.  In addition to housework Linda's also coming over for a pedicure this afternoon.  By the time She arrives i'll already be in a very domestic and submissive mood, having been at my maids duties for several hours.

i'm always in a submissive frame of mind (Diane and maybe one or two other close friends could tell you that) but domestic duties and serving opportunities help deepen my submissive moods.

It's when i'm in one of those more focused moods that i do my best work.

i'm already looking forward to giving Linda that pedicure.


sissy terri

Friday, February 5, 2016

Interacting with Her Lover

Despite being included on the daily chastity report's distribution list (it's a 2 person list right now, Diane and Paul) i don't hear from Paul very often.  His comments on the reports in the form of a response to my email arrive far less frequent than they used to.  Their rarity prompted me to ask Diane a few weeks ago if there was still a need for me to include him on the daily email.

"Of course there's no need, but there is a requirement" She said, adding emphasis when needed and required!  So i've continued to include him.  Perhaps the regularity of the report along with little change in my chastity status makes it easy to dismiss most of the time.  i can certainly understand if he's lost interest.

All that made this morning's email from him all the more surprising.  He did see Diane briefly last night in Her office after work.  She was there late waiting for a 7 PM meeting to start.  At least She used Her time wisely.

"Got a little spoiled the other night eh?" Paul wrote referring to the orgasm Diane allowed on Wednesday evening.  "Next time I hope I'm there to watch."  An orgasm while confined to one's chastity cage isn't something i'd planned on letting anyone else see.  Sure he reads the blog often enough, but i couldn't help but wonder if any of Diane's suggestive powers led to his email today. 

i didn't quite know how to respond to the email so it's still sitting there in my inbox.  i owe him the courtesy of a response and will get to it later today.

As for Diane's meeting with Paul last night in the privacy of Her office, though it was brief it was long enough to put some "green" in Diane's orgasm column on the chastity report. 

"You can fill my column in with green" She told me last night when She got home around 9. 

"Was it good?" i asked Her.

"It was ok.  Better than just making out but not quite full blown sex" She snickered.

There were no further details.  Those were left to my sissy cuckold imagination.


sissy terri

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Clicking my Heels

Maybe it was the heels.  Or maybe, Diane heard about Mick's plotting to dispatch folks from the Southwest Submissive Protection Program to our comfortable abode.  Perhaps some sympathy? i guess i'll never know.

"What's the occasion?" Diane asked when She noticed my wearing a pair of heels with an otherwise ordinary sissy wife outfit that consisted of ladies jeans and a pretty floral print baby doll style top.

"Someone suggested i greet You in heels tonight" i told Her.

"Someone?" She asked with Her most inquisitive but very insightful look.  She's very hard to keep secrets from.

So...before dinner last night, and well before settling in to watch our home town college hoop team try to work their way through a mid season funk, but after Her second worship session of the day Diane asked me if i would like to have an orgasm of my own.

It was asked very matter-of-factly.  As if my last orgasm was say, 46 hours ago instead of 17 days.  There was of course, no need to ask and She knew what the answer would be.  But i have Her the satisfaction of responding anyway.  The orgasm did come with some "restrictions" however.

"All right then.  Get down to your bra and panties but keep the heels on.  They look nice" She said as She reached for the fully-charged Hitachi that sat on Her nightstand.

Not only was i required to keep the cage on, but the panties were to remain as well.  With Hitachi in hand Diane directed me to get on all fours facing the head of the bed.  "Face down and ass up" She laughed.

The humming of the Hitachi at its lowest setting began a few seconds before Diane's own digital teasing of my butt.  Pressed against the cage very gently, Diane sensed that She was hitting the right spots and began to add some verbal stimulation.

An orgasm might end somewhere between your legs, but there's no doubt, scientific or otherwise, that it begins in the mind.

"Looks like someone is going to mess their panties tonight!" She giggled.

She was right.  i did.  Not much later i was in front of one of the bathroom sinks, rinsing out my panties and washing out my CB-3000 before putting it back on again.  my freedom was brief.

"Keep the heels on until bedtime" She said, "Since you seem to like them so much."

i did, but She later admitted that She was also happy to see me in them.


sissy terri

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Very Good Morning (Worship)

A very close and loving sissy friend of mine calls it "the breakfast of champions."  i only wish i got to eat it more often.  But this morning, i did.  And i enjoyed it immensely.

i was out last night ("out" as in out and about, not out of chastity) and didn't get home until close to 10 PM.  Diane was already in bed and looked quite ready to roll over and call it a night.  A little early for Her but not that unusual.  She asked about the meeting i'd attended and after a real short discussion, we kissed goodnight.  i watched some basketball in the den before going to bed myself about an hour later.

This morning i was awakened by the sound of Diane coughing a bit in the bathroom.   i looked at the alarm clock and saw this it was 4:31.  i hadn't heard the alarm go off but thought it might have.  It's also not unusual for Her to get up at 4:30 or even earlier if She has something scheduled early in the morning.  Maybe this was one of those days.  i rolled over and closed my eyes, but not for long.

i was startled by the sheets and blanket being pulled off me.

"Good morning" Diane said standing by the side of the bed wearing just Her pajama top.  The bottom along with Her panties were nowhere to be found.

"your services are required" She said and climbed into bed.  It was 4:35 AM exactly.

A submissive rush came over me and i wasted little time in providing "my services."  i already had some mild discomfort from as much of a morning erection i could achieve given the constraints of my CB-3000.  This did nothing to relieve it.  Instead, it just made it a bit more uncomfortable, as did the lingering taste of Her obligatory trip to the bathroom.

It was quite frankly, submissive heaven.  There's little that compares with being directed to provide pleasure this way "on demand."  The fact that you're sleeping comfortably matters none to the Domme.  She wants Her pleasure and you're going to give it to Her.  She wants it now, not later.

There was even a "Thanks" when it was over.   "my pleasure" was my response.  How true.

"A little reward might be in order tonight" Diane said lovingly.  "Have the Hitachi ready just in case.  Now get me some coffee."

The coffee hadn't been started yet so while it was brewing i got to thinking that, if i was a Dom/me (how silly is that?) i'd be requiring this of my submissive every day.  But i'm not, and my thoughts are just another way of "topping from the bottom."

If She did require this of me every day, i'd become spoiled.  That's the last thing Diane wants


sissy terri

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Pedicure & Continued Abstinence

Diane's first full day back at work after fighting off a cold left Her a bit tired.  Not so tired that She couldn't stop by the gym before coming home though.  She also had enough left in Her engine to muster up some Dominance and insist on a pedicure, something that's a bit unusual for a Monday evening.

"Why the color change" i asked Her after She'd settled Herself on the sofa while i knelt in front of Her.

"I like this shade better.  Don't you?" She asked with an apparent genuine interest in my opinion.

i did and told Her so.  That led to some teasing that maybe i should paint my own nails.  There was never the slightest of hints that She would do them for me.  i've done it several times but for some reason i find it easier to paint someone else' nails.   

In the meantime my abstinence streak continues.  Getting my hopes up for some relief only to be met with another denial makes my time without an orgasm seem longer than it is. 

However, since Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow today which just about ensured that spring is just around the corner, maybe there's a correlation to my orgasmic drought as well.  my next one may also be right around the corner.  i hope i can at least see that corner soon!

In the meantime, enjoy these pretty little pieces from Zulily, a lovely site to shop for all things feminine and girly!

With spring just around the about this cute skirt?

And don't forget some pretty lingerie.

Every sissy loves dots right?

i think i'll wear this today.  i think She'll like it on me.


sissy terri