Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cuckold Wednesday

My last orgasm was a month ago on March 1st.  Diane's was very early this morning.  In a break from Her usual routine, She insisted on some "morning worship" before starting Her work day.   It was a good day to start the month of April when it comes to counting our orgasms.  At least it was for Diane.  

Wednesdays typically mean an early start for Her.  It's usually the day when both She and Paul leave the office around 3 PM and head here for some intimate fun.  But today was much earlier than usual, though She was non-committal about whether or not they would be here any earlier.

i'm getting over the little funk i've been in because of the way i was treated on Sunday when Paul came over; excluded from any intimacy but made to endure some heavy humiliation while modeling my pink thong for them.  

Diane's been upset and frustrated by my childish behavior.  She's right.  my reasons to be upset are selfish.  i'm too concerned with my own feelings and pleasure instead of putting Her feelings and pleasure first.  It's really been the first such "episode" since i've been in chastity.  Overall, my submissivenes, attentiveness and docility has increased and She's happy with me.  However, i learn to be happy with things the way She wants them to be.

When Paul comes over this afternoon i may or may not be part of any intimacy between he and Diane.  That will be up to them and i must accept it. 

It's a hard lesson to learn.  One that's full of frustration.

The frustration stems from the fact that just about everything that will be going on arouses me and there's little to nothing i can do about it.  For instance, here's a quick list of things that drive this sissy cuckold wild....

  • i'll be feminized in front of Diane's lover Paul
  • i'll be locked in my CB-3000
  • They will be making love in our master bedroom 
  • i may be called upon to serve them in some way
  • i may be totally ignored
i've not been given any specific instructions about this afternoon, other than to be here when they arrive.  When i asked Diane if there was anything in particular She wanted me to wear i was just told to put something pretty on.

There's one thing i don't have to ask though.  That's whether or not She wants me in chastity when they arrive.  No need to ask.  That's one of Paul's rules

Chastity and Femininity - the two go hand-in-hand when it comes to sissy cuckolds!


sissy terri

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cuckolding - Points to Ponder

If you haven't read Ms. Vanessa Chaland's latest post over at Fetish Furniture Factory on Dominant Women and submissive men, then you're really missing some keen insights into FemDom cuckolding.

No one can explain FemDom relationships and cuckolding quite like Ms. Vanessa.  In this short but powerful posts, She brings forth several important points to ponder.  Here are just a few....

You both understand that emotional attachment can not be overlooked or minimized, but jumping into bed with superior men can be dealt with. Sexual betrayal is not the same as emotional betrayal.

 Your wife is talking to men she sleeps with about how to "handle you" and vice versa. As in maybe how to dominate and/or humiliate you....and whether or not you have to "handle" his dick....or more......should either demand it. 

Sexual cruelty does not mean an absence of love.
Ms. Vanessa's posts are all wonderful, but this one is particularly important.  It's been especially helpful to me.  And to Diane.


sissy terri

Monday, March 30, 2015

Sissy Cuckold Frustration

i hate thongs.  Yes, they look very sexy on many girls but on a sissy (even ones with the tiniest of clitties) i just don't think they look nice.  And since i don't think they look nice, i don't like wearing them.  And since i don't like wearing them....well, so on and so on.

Diane knows all this and after what happened yesterday, it's safe to assume She shared this information with Her lover Paul.  The information along with some plotting on their part made for a very frustrating and humiliating afternoon for me.

It all began when i received a response from Paul to my daily Chastity Report email.  Here it is verbatim:


You'll be happy to hear I'll be over this afternoon at 2 PM sharp.  And you're probably even more excited to know I have another errand for you to run where you will get to spend a little more of your Victoria's Secret gift card.  Like that?  

Today's shopping list is small, just like the things you're going to buy.  You're to buy two lacy thongs.  One for Diane and one for you.  Her thong in black and yours in pink.  Make sure you buy the right sizes, we don't want those pretty things to go to waste right?

I expect you back with the thongs before I get there.


The email came in shortly after 10:00 AM yesterday not long after I had finished yesterday's blog post.  Paul's noting to buy the right size was an obvious reference to that post.  And the requirement to buy each of us a thong?  Certainly Diane must have let him in on my distaste for them. 

I had a couple of other things to do and when I looked at the time, realized that I would have to get going soon if I wanted to be back in time.  I mentioned the email to Diane and She suggested that "you get your pretty little ass in gear and go shopping."  i was gone in about 10 minutes.

i did my other errands first before i went to Victoria's Secret.  i was my regular nervous self but found what i was supposed to buy and got the usual courteous service from the sales personnel at the store.  It was before noon and the store wasn't that crowded.  i'd be home before one in plenty of time before Paul's scheduled arrival.  i even stopped at a Starbuck's drive thru for a coffee.

Wasn't i surprised when i pulled up the driveway around 1 PM to see Paul's car parked in front of Diane's garage door.  My sissy cuckold mind imagined Paul himself pulled up right behind Diane in our bedroom, just like the front of his car had pulled up next to Her's by the garage.  My imagination wasn't that far off.

Paul and Diane were already in bed together.  It was 1:05 PM.  The bedroom door was closed with a note taped to it that read "Do Not Disturb!  We'll call for you P."  i could hear some soft moans and giggling behind the door.  They knew i was there, our security system has small chimes that go off (one of them is in the master bedroom) when certain doors to the outside are opened.  i had entered the house through one of those doors. 

i waited until 1:43 PM before i was called.  Diane opened the door and called down to me to come up and bring the thongs.  When i entered the bedroom both Paul and Diane were nude, She standing near the bed and Paul laying on it relaxing.  "Strip down and join us for a little while" Diane said then gave me a kiss. 

Stripping down to nothing but my CB-3000, even though Paul's seen it before, was more humiliating than ever.  Probably the circumstances of the whole scene made me feel this way.  While i stripped Diane had gone into the bathroom to retrieve some small scissors to cut the tags off the thongs.  She held them each out and inspected them, taking Hers and holding it in front of Herself while doing a little sexy dance while facing Paul.  He liked what he saw and chuckled. 

"Why don't you slip Diane's on for Her?" he suggested.  It was more than a suggestion and i did it.  Diane handed me the thong, i knelt in front of Her and guided the garment up Her lovely thighs so that it fit nice and snug.  She grabbed my head and pressed it against Her crotch.  i kissed it.  She held me there long enough for me to get an appreciation for Her wetness, probably the result of some heavy foreplay but i didn't think Paul had made "full love" to Her yet.

"Sexy! A perfect fit too." Paul said.  "You're turn, put the pink one's on."

i put the pink one's on quickly and felt silly.  The front of the thong didn't cover the CB-3000 real well.  my stiffled erection was a non issue since it was confined in the plastic dungeon and the back of the thong felt uncomfortable as it nestled between my ass cheeks. 

"Cute!" Diane teased.  "Turn around and show us your pretty little butt."

i did and Diane quickly gave me a swat on the ass. 

"Thank you" She said.  "You can go now.  Go check the laundry room.  There's some ironing to do."

That was it.  i was shocked, embarrassed, humiliated and then some.  i went to pick up my clothes and Diane stopped me.

"No no.  Just like you are now.  Scoot."  There was another slap on the ass.

i left the clothes there and hurried out of the room.  i was alone with my thoughts doing some ironing for some 45 minutes.  There was a pile of clothes in a basket that Diane had taken out of Her closet to be ironed.  Tucked in the middle of the pile were a pair of Paul's slacks that I hadn't seen at first.  Ironing his slacks became the most humiliating cuckold task i've done to date.

my ironing was interrupted when i heard Diane call out.  "Did you get to Paul's pants yet?  He has to leave soon."  i replied that i had and Diane told me to bring them up to the bedroom.  i did and when i got up to the bedroom She was at the door  waiting.  She kissed me, took the pants and closed the door.

i was in the laundry room when Paul left.  He didn't say good bye or anything.  Soon after he walked out the door Diane told me to meet Her upstairs.

i was finally physically involved.  Paul was gone, but had left me a reminder of his presence there that afternoon.


sissy terri

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Panty "waste" and Pantywaists

Every sissy remembers their first visit to a Victoria's Secret.  i felt that i'd never been surrounded by so much feminine finery in all of my life.  The lingerie chain will always rank high on the list of my favorite stores.  As often as i've shopped there, i still get butterflies in my stomach when i go in there to buy something for myself or Diane.

But to be honest, i've never had a bad experience there.  The staff is always smiling, pleasant and helpful.  i get the feeling that they even enjoy helping and selling to crossdressers.  It wouldn't surprise me if many of them even enjoy buying panties and other unmentionables for their boyfriends or significant others.  But i digress.

Yesterday i found this interesting article from "Business Insider" magazine about Victoria's Secret.  What Happens To Victoria's Secret Underwear When You Return It  isn't necessarily a shocking revelation, but considering how many sissies out there who are reluctant or too shy to go in and buy panties, it certainly seems like a "panty waste!"

And for you sissy "pantywaists" reading this who might be in the shopping mood, do i have a sale for you!

Zulily is offering a six-pack set of beautifuly bras for only $34.99!!  That's not a misprint.  And the colors and selection are simply to die for.  There's plenty that are very sissy looking too, including my own personal favorites.  At first glance i thought they were polka dots (i have a thing for polka dots) but they're not.  However the houndstooth style is pretty similar and oozing with femininity.  Naturally, the pink one is my favorite!

Sunday is typically my favorite shopping day.  And even though we're not planning on heading to the mall today, i'm definitely going to take advantage of at least on online sale.  With Diane's permission of course.

Her lover Paul may even stop by today.  If he can't, he told Her to be ready for some phone sex.  That would be nice too.  We both really enjoyed it the last time!


sissy terri

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Sissy Spanking

Diane doesn't use corporal punishment on me that often.  In fact, She's already received many more spankings from Paul as part of their sex play and the mildly submissive role She plays with him than She's given me in years.  Her domination and punishment is usually of a different sort, less physical and more emotional. 

And lately, because of the positive behavioral effects of my chastity, there's really been no instance where my actions have warranted any discipline.  Since i've been in chastity starting January 1, i've been even more docile, obedient and doting on Diane.  Diane's even commented on how i've become a better "sissy wife."  But, i suppose there's no such thing as the "perfect" sissy wife. 

After a rather contentious meeting with a potential client (they're not potential clients any longer) and a drive back into town i wasn't in the best of moods.  My allergies were also kicking in earlier than usual this year and i was just irritable.  i would be getting home a little later than i'd planned and still had to pick up some fresh fish for dinner. 

Once all the preparations for dinner were done i felt a bit better and just settled in and waited for Diane and watched some basketball.  Diane texted me that She would be at least an hour late.  i asked if She were with Paul and She simply responded "No."  Later, another text added another hour to Her estimated time of arrival. 

i suppose She would have also been in a better mood if Her tardiness was a result of spending time with Paul, but it wasn't.  After expressing Her frustrations when She got home, i responded with what in retrospect was a rather snarky remark about my long wait.  That didn't go over very well and before She put an end to the exchange, i had obviously crossed the line.

One of the benefits of a relationship like ours is that little things rarely become big things.  Before they do, Diane immediately calls a "time out" and reestablishes Her authority.  She doesn't really call a time out per se, but She simply says the discussion is over and i get the point.  Then i get the crop.

i went upstairs to retrieve the crop and was ready to bring it back downstairs when Diane met me at the bedroom door.  "We'll do it here" She said.  "Here" meant me bent over the edge of the bed with my ladies shorts and panties down to my ankles while She swatted me with the crop.  There were forty swats, with short breaks after each group of ten.

Diane decided on the number.  i had to count each one, and during the short breaks i had to apologize to Her for being surly.  i don't know whey She decided on forty swats and never asked.  Each one hurt.  And when it was over, my bottom was red, warm and stinging.

We finally ate the grilled fish last night.  It was a lovely night and we ate outdoors. 

It was also a lovely dinner, albeit delayed by Diane's late arrival, my sissy spanking and time spent worshiping my beautiful Dominant Wife. 

And since we're counting, She did have two orgasms as a result of that worship.


sissy terri

p.s. - Coincidentally, my sissy sister Jo got her own comeuppance  yesterday!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tallying Orgasms

A few days ago Mick from Under Contract to My Wife left a comment to my post on Orgams Inequality.  The post was about how, as a result of my being locked in chastity, i've only been allowed to have one orgasm this month while Diane up to that point had enjoyed fourteen days on which she had one or more orgasms.

Mick was shocked that Diane had only had four orgasms through twenty-one days.  Here's his comment:

I'm wondering how Diane can only have 14 orgasms in 21 days? Mistress Molly rarely goes a day without 1 or 2. Is Paul restricting her orgasms the way she restricts yours?
i really can't leave Mick's question unanswered, nor could i respond appropriately without talking to Diane about it.  First, i needed to know if i Diane had told me about every orgasm She had (those that She might enjoy with Paul when i'm not present are conveyed to me and i put then on the Chastity Report) and second, i wanted to get Her thoughts on having "only 14 orgasms in 21 days."  And we also talked about Paul and if he'd ever restricted Her orgasms.  It was an interesting discussion.  And lastly, i also did some research over at the Under Contract to my Wife blog to verify Mick's claims.

Let's start with my research.  Admittedly, it wasn't exhaustive (the blog has been around for awhile and probably has more than 1500 posts.  But with few if any exceptions, Mick's claims appear to be quite accurate with little exaggeration.  His Mistress Molly seems to be a sex machine, an-orgasm producing dynamo that puts even very sexually active women like Diane to shame.   "Two-a-days" as they're referred to over there are routine.  Some of the orgasms even take place in Mick's office at lunch time.  Really.

Diane was even impressed but did admit that "there was at least one orgasm" She failed to tell me about "and maybe another."  She also put up a slight defense for Her meager number compared to Molly's:  "I have a very busy full time job and schedule you know.  I think my numbers are pretty good.  And it's not like I have access to Paul every day either."  That last comment kind of hurt a little.

"You do know that i'm always available" i added.  i couldn't let that last comment just hang there.

"Not always.  Sometimes you're gone and the timing with Paul isn't good.  Maybe I should do the solo thing like you used to before we got that under control."  OUCH.  It's true that my masturbatory habit has come to a dead stop since January 1st, but She didn't have to put it that way.

Diane does have plenty of toys to play with (yes, i'm one of them) and could certainly find something to suit Her if neither Paul or i were around.  So why not suggest it?

"That's not a bad idea.  But I still don't think I could match those numbers."  We both laughed which put the conversation in its proper context; sexy, fun and under Her control.

Last night when Diane got home from work i was told to go get a specific toy out of Her closet.  i think it was called a "rabbit vibrator" or something like that.  It has a funny little protrusion at the tip and it can also rotate in circles among other options.  "Just lay it on the bed and I'll be up in a few minutes."

Diane did use the toy for a bit.  But in the end, it was "old reliable" that sent Her swooning.  She tasted so good.  Another green day on the Chastity Report.


sissy terri

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cuckolding Postponed

The semi-regular Wednesday afternoon tryst between Paul and Diane never materialized yesterday.  A big disappointment for them and likely on a smaller scale, a disappointment for me as well.  i think the longer time span between the meetings between the two of them in which i'm involved, the more my anxiety builds.  If they were to meet more regularly and i was always involved, i would be less nervous and less anxious. 

Diane may have been disappointed but wasn't upset.  She was busy as well and they both have jobs that can be highly stressful at times and yesterday was one of those days for the both of them.  "Why should I be upset" She said, posing a rhetorical question of sorts and before I could provide any response added "when I have my own orgasm-producing machine right here" as She touched my lips with Her pointing finger. 

It was a very dominant statement and gesture and sent a little tingle down between my legs.  The tingle turned into arousal which in turn, given my chastised state, turned into discomfort.  i stayed uncomfortable for a very long time because She immediately went up to the master bedroom.  i followed and used those sensual lips between Her legs. 

It was another greed day for Her on the chastity report.  Again, there was no pink for me despite Diane's best efforts with the strap-on.

At dinner, Diane hinted that Paul might be free this weekend and able to stop by on Saturday or Sunday.  "Would you like that?" She asked me.  "Not as much as You would" was my answer.  "You're right" She said with a chuckle. 

i did get this from Paul in response to my Chastity Report email this morning.


Sorry to disappoint yesterday.  I'll try to make it up to both of you soon.

Another tease, yet nothing set in stone.  That's fine because i haven't made any set plans for this weekend.  Diane makes them for me anyway.


sissy terri