Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Sissy Christmas Season

i've been so busy getting ready for the Christmas party we host every year.  The party will be this Saturday evening and it's a little too close to Christmas in my opinion.  But when you're married to a Dominant Wife in a Female Led Relationships, your personal opinion isn't something that's requested very often.

Both daughter's arrive early next week and are here through the 26th, then Diane and i are actually taking a vacation together immediately after that.  So, there's an awful lot to prepare for in the meantime.  It's put a crimp into my limited personal schedule.  Not so much with Diane though.  She spent Her usual Wednesday afternoon with Her lover Paul.  Dommes have their priorities straight don't they?  i suppose their submissives do too!

Saturday night's party, with the exception of my wearing feminine lingerie underneath my clothes, Diane's lover and mine (Jake) being present is a totally vanilla party.  Sure Diane's friend Linda (who knows about my submission to Diane, my dressing and about Paul) will be there but other than that there's no sexual aspect to the party whatsoever.  At least not to my knowledge.

It has me wondering what a kinky holiday party might look like.  There have to be D/s and other kinky groups around the country and the world who celebrate the Christmas season with rather festive parties.  Those parties must be pretty fun to attend.

At least they'd be fun to shop for!

Here's a cute little outfit i'd love to wear to just such a party.

i'd even supply the cuffs.  Or maybe Diane would.

Have to run, there's lots to do!


sissy terri

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Sissy Serving Two Dom/mes

As Diane's submissive sissy cuckold "wife", my relationship with and my submission to Jake is totally dependent on Her approval.  It also comes with whatever rules or regulations She decides to impose upon it at any given time.  Those terms are also subject to change.  All of us understand that.

It does however at times cause a few minor problems, inconveniences and gets Jake a little annoyed.  None of these are big issues, but it does demonstrate the fact that i am first and foremost Diane's submissive.  As Jake becomes more dominant with me and i find myself in this "complicated middle," i'm also bearing the brunt of the disappointment that ensues.

Today was a good example of what i mean.  i've been doing Jake's housework for awhile now and he'd like to formalize this new responsibility of mine.  He's already made a list of my duties and chores but he also wants me there on a regular schedule.  Up to now i've done it both at my convenience and upon his request if i can. "If i can" often depends upon both Diane's schedule and often Her permission.

Jake is also beginning to enjoy exercising his authority and control over me more and more.  He'll do this when we're together by making me perform some menial or other personal task that he could easily do himself.  He would enjoy extending this authority by having me at his beck and call to come over at any time to perform some task, sexual, personal or otherwise.

A true submissive enjoys relinquishing their time to a Dominant.  It's part of their journey of self-actualization.  Try as a submissive might, they'll never be able to please two Dominants equally.  One Dominant's demands will always be secondary or even subordinate to the other Dominant's.   Diane does and will always have the final word on this.

So today, Jake wanted me at his house by noon to start housework.  He was going to leave work early and meet me there at 3 PM.  The housework was to be done and i was to greet him at the front door in nothing but an apron and high heels.  i told him the earliest i could be there would be 3 PM.  He told me he wasn't happy about it and that he would see me there at 6 PM, opting to work a full day.

"Same dress code" he said, "and the first thing we're going to do is head upstairs for a spanking."  The master bedroom is upstairs and i expect that's where he wants the spanking (and probably more) to take place.

Jake knows i don't enjoy doing housework either totally or semi-nude.  i don't feel as feminine and for whatever reason, it makes doing the work a bit more difficult.  i also believe Jake makes me do it that way only because he knows i don't like it.  Mind games can be such a big part of any D/s type of
relationship.  This one is no different.

And when it comes to being sent upstairs for a spanking, i find it much sexier to be in one of my maids uniforms complete with the apron and very ruffly panties.  But what i'm to wear is also often determined by others.  It's what pleases them with my own pleasure of little consequence. 

Even though i have time to blog and do some other things, my time is definitely not my own any more.  Two other people control much of it, but none more than Diane. 


sissy terri

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Sissy's Boudoir

bou·doir  noun \ˈbü-ˌdwär, ˈb-, ˌbü-ˈ, ˌb-ˈ\

: a woman's bedroom or private room for dressing or resting

Boudoir - the sound of the word alone carries with it an air of feminine sensuality.  The word is of French origin (surprised?), derived from the verb "bouder" which  means to sulk.  My maternal grandparents were both French and i recall as a child being told that if i was going to sulk, then i'd have to go to my room.  i suppose then a boudoir would also be a private room for one to sulk or be left alone with their sullen or better yet "sissy" thoughts.

Historically boudoirs were the rooms of rather upper class women, separate from their regular bedrooms.  They were a place to sit, relax or spend time in various activities, including the hosting of their lovers.  i'm sure many an aristocrat was cuckolded by the antics of his wife in her private boudoir.  

Today the term is typically used to describe a certain type of sensual and sexually suggestive photography.  In any major city you're going to find many professionals who specialize in this type of photography, marketing their skills primarily to women.  Soon-to-be brides make up a big part of this market, having boudoir photos taken as a gift to their future husbands. They're also popular as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. 

If you Google the term "sissy boudoir" you'll find a treasure trove of boudoir photos along with some photographers or makeover specialists who cater to the crossdressing community.  Years ago while on a business trip to Chicago, i went for a makeover from a wonderful woman who also had a store that sold all types of clothing to TV's and CD's.  There was no sex involved at all and it was an absolutely
beautiful and memorable experience.

i didn't have any boudoir photos taken and it's something i regret.  It's something i still would like to have done though.  i've still got it on my sissy bucket list.

i've included some boudoir shots i find so sexy.  You can find these and other similar, sexy and sensual photos on the tumblr site Boudoir Divas.  Enjoy.


sissy terri

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Girl in the Picture

They're who you want to be.  They can be what you want to look like, how you want to act, how you want to be treated, what you want done to you, what you want to be doing or what you want to be forced to do.  The list could go on much longer. 

Who are they?  They're the girl you see in a photo or any other type of media.  They catch your attention immediately.  You realize just how much you want to be them.....

You love what she's wearing.  You want the exact same outfit.  You want to be her.

Deadly Baby Dee
You might be yearning for a spanking.  Just the way she's going to receive her's.  You want to be her.

The Uncommon Dominator
She's so submissively beautiful.  Kneeling in front of her Dom in compliant anticipation.  Dressed exactly as he's told her.  Yes, you want to be her.

A Fly on the Walls
Her collar catches your eye.  And the leash.  And her look.  Is

Yes Master, thank You Master

It puts you in your submissive sissy space faster than anything else.  The sight of a beautiful girl being used by her Dom.  She's bound and is there solely for his pleasure.  You're jealous.  You want to be her.

Sir's Playground
The pictures have a little something for everyone.  Every male would find them arousing in some way.  Most women would also.

The Alpha males fantasize about them in the usual way.

Sissies fantasize about them in their unique ways.  We know what we want.


sissy terri

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Sissy and Her Skirts

It's an unusually rainy morning here in the desert. The sounds of raindrops are an inviting sound to those of us who actually miss the rainy days we experienced on a regular basis back on the east coast!

Diane always loved steady rainy days.  She enjoys them for the tranquility and peacefulness they seem to bring, but also because they seem to increase Her libido!  Rain = indoor activities = sex!

That being said, guess what we did this morning?  Naturally, our roles were reversed from the traditional married couple but it was very enjoyable just the same.  By 8 AM Diane had already had two orgasms and i'd my own feminine desires had be satiated.  It's a very nice way to start the day!

As we were getting ready to head to the gym a few minutes ago, Diane said "Wear something different today when we get back, something pretty?  Surprise me."  i answered that i'd try to surprise her but, unable to restrain Herself from being in total control of everything, Diane added that She'd like to see me in a short skirt today.  "You have skirts don't you?" She asked with a giggle.

Yes, i do have skirts.  and i'm thinking of wearing a pleated navy blue one with white tights and a pink sweater.  i have a few choices but thinking about it a bit, i could use a few more.  Skirts that are nice and short, feature my hosiery, allow easy access to my bottom if Diane is in such a mood and very femme.

i really should buy a few more skirts, especially one's that would work nicely with some type of sissy role play like a cheerleader or school girl. 

i'm pretty sure Diane would enjoy this look...

And Jake would love this one.....

And sissy terri loves pleated skirts....

Hope it's raining again tomorrow morning!


sissy terri

Friday, December 12, 2014

Beautiful Submissive Sissy Musings

i found something on tumblr the other day and i thought i would share it with all of you because i think it's beautifully written.  It also expresses very well how i feel and i'm sure how many submissives feel but just can't express themselves correctly.

It's written from the female submissive perspective (something i can certainly relate to) with references to a Dom Male, but i think it's gender neutral in that it can apply to anyone with deep yearnings to submit to someone else.

Of course feminine submission really resonates with me.  i've never really had the urge to submit, especially to a man, unless i was feminized in some way.

i guess i feel the same way as Eva does! 

Hope you enjoy....

I crave a relationship in which I can be unapologetically my submissive self.

It would be nice not having to justify my submissive quirks. Not having to defend all of the things I may say or do, all of the little things that add up and make me submissive. It’s exhausting to do that. It’s exhausting when you have to constantly define the whys - why I need to have some decisions made for me, why I need to be punished, why I need control exerted in nearly every aspect of my life. Sometimes there is no definitive reason. It just is. 

It would be a relief, then, to live the lifestyle with someone who already knows. Someone who already knows that I’m not passive simply because I need to be told what time to go to bed. Someone who knows why calling a Dominant counterpart “Sir” or “Daddy” feels more natural than using a name. Wearing a collar would be no big deal, nor would it be out of the ordinary to be taken over a knee and spanked. Having to ask permission for things would feel completely natural, too. It would feel right.

Because that is my idea of “normal”. That is all stuff that comes naturally to me. What is unnatural is having to pretend that those kinks don’t exist - or worse - that those kinks are less of a necessity and more of an option. What is wrong is having to alter those kinks to make your partner more comfortable, or having to explain them in a way that makes them sound okay or acceptable - even though they are okay and acceptable. 

I don’t want to sugarcoat what I need.

I just want to be me.
 I found this on the tumblr site Crimson Uncovered.  Beautiful isn't it?


sissy terri

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sissy Secretarial Duties

i played nine holes of golf with Jake today.  The late afternoon golf date just happened to be sandwiched between layers of highly erotic and submissively fulfilling sex.  i can't speak for Jake, but it was probably Dominantly fulfilling also.

A day after Paul spent the afternoon with Her Dominant lover Paul, i got to spend the afternoon and early evening with my own Dominant lover Jake.  How fitting.

i met Jake at his office at 12:30 just like he said.  His admin Jackie greeted me by name as if we were old friends.  i'd only met her once before when i picked up Jake on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to give him a ride to the airport.  It was the first time i had sex with him in his office.  Today would be the second.

"You guys playing golf today huh?" Jackie said. 

"Yes.  Great afternoon for it"  said politely, kind of surprised She remembered my name.

"Jake says you're a pretty good golfer" she continued, appearing as if she was more interested than i would have expected.

"Well, i'm better than he is but that doesn't make me very good" i said with a smile.  She just laughed and told me to go right into his office.  "He's on the phone but told me to send you right in when you got here."

i walked in and Jake was sitting back in his leather chair talking to a client.  He pointed to the chair in front of his desk and i sat there.  It was a rather dominant "pointing" if there is such a thing.  He didn't even look at me.  He continued talking for a long time, interrupted only by Jackie who opened the door to say she was going to lunch.  Finally, the phone call was over.

"Are you ready?" he asked. 

"Sure.  Let's go" i answered, as i got up to leave his office.

"I don't mean to play golf.  Before we go, you have something to attend to" he said as he stood up and began to undo the belt of his khakis.  He walked to the door, locked it and by the time he got back to his desk, his belt was undone and the zipper to his pants down.  "Well???" was all he said.  i undid the rest, dropped to my knees, took his big cock out of his jockey shorts and put it into my mouth.

"That's better" he said.  "Let's see how long this takes you."

"This" didn't take me very long.  He got fully erect very quickly and i did my best to take his entire load without spilling a drop.  i wasn't successful.  A few drops dribbled onto the protective acrylic section under his chair to protect it from the carpets.  He made me lick it up.  "Mission accomplished" he laughed.

The golf?  I shot a an impressive 38 for 9 holes.  Very good for me.  Jake was far behind with a 43.  Very good for him also.  "Just imagine if i played from the ladies tees" i teased him.

Later at his house we showered together where i got him rock hard just before we dried off.  i slipped into a pink nightie i brought along with me and we found our way into the bed. 

i knew it wouldn't be an exact repeat performance of our time together in his office.  It wasn't.

i kicked his ass in golf this afternoon.  Tonight, he took care of mine. 

Today was one of the sexiest i've ever had with him.  Loved it, loved it, loved it!


sissy terri