Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sissies in the Snow

As the mostly always sunny southwest gets ready for the Super Bowl, my sissy friends back east are in the middle of a terrible storm.  i hope all my friends are safe and sound and enjoying a "snow day" at home dressed in their favorite outfits.  Battling the elements on days like this is no fun.

It looks like New York City dodged another bullet but my sissy friends in other parts of New York and New England weren't so lucky.

Lots of snow can be fun though.  i remember the days of my childhood waking up to the announcement that there was no school because of a snowstorm.  Talk about excitement!  The bigger the storm the more fun it was to play in the snow.

It would still be fun to go out and play in the snow today....i'd just dress a little differently!

Maybe this baby blue ski suit wold be nice....

But since pink is my favorite color i'd probably choose this one....

Or maybe we could just go for a walk in the snow....

What's your favorite outfit in the snow?

In the meantime, i'll just have to put up with a little sunshine...so sad.


sissy terri

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Tribute to Sissy Brides

A recent issue of the digital magazine Love Inc.  featured the androgynous model Dylan Stephens beautifully dressed in a white wedding gown.  i happened to read about this on The Huffington Post , where Love Inc.'s editor Brittny Dyre wanted to make the statement that "Love is love - no matter the couple's gender, orientation or identity."  Such a beautiful statement.

i've written several posts with a bridal theme where i've confessed to my own sissy bride fantasies.  It's a fantasy that i believe the vast majority of us have but few have had the opportunity to experience in even the remotest of ways.

Love Inc. magazine's decision to dedicate an issue to trans brides has far greater significance or impact than simply satisfying the fantasies of sissies like me.  It's a bold statement supporting the rights of transgender individuals.

i'm sure you'll enjoy the articles as much as i did.  And for multiple reasons!

i've had the opportunity to wear a wedding gown on a couple of occasions (though i haven't written about it...yet) and it's as feminine a feeling i've ever experienced from an item of clothing.

i'd be curious to hear about any of your bridal experiences as well, and so would other readers.  Please share! 


sissy terri

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sissy & Cuckold Thoughts

i'm enjoying a lazy Sunday morning.  Diane's still lounging in bed while i sip on some coffee, read the Sunday paper and take care of a few other sissy things.  We're going out this afternoon but other than that it's a pretty low key day.  i'll just have to think of what to cook Diane for dinner.  Maybe She'll decide that we go out instead and give me the night off!

There were some interesting comments to last Sunday's post, A Sissy's View of the NFL Playoffs.  They were also pretty informative.  Thanks to Florida Dom, i now know that NFL cheerleaders usually don't travel with the teams except for the Super Bowl and that the Packers don't have cheerleaders.  Maybe that's why they lost last weekend, as did the Colts.  It's more likely that than under-inflated balls.  Florida Dom sure knows more about football than i do.  But then again, he's a Dom and i'm a sissy.

Another anonymous commenter suggested i run a search for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders in pink uniforms they'd worn to support breast cancer research.  i did and OMG!!!!  How could i have missed this before?  Very poor research on my part.  For missing it, i should probably receive and punishment spanking while dressed in these sexy little uniforms!  Some punishment that would be.

i don't wear shapewear that often, but i got an email yesterday from Zulily announcing a sale on Spanx.   i do have a couple of Spanx items and enjoy the feel of them.  They have the restrictiveness of shapewear (a very feminine feeling) even though their items are pretty comfortable to wear. 

Most of the time i ignore these emails but this morning i decided to take a peek and ended up buying a pair of "Skinny Britches" that are similar to a long leg panty girdle but much sleeker.  Honestly, i bought it because of the color it was available in.  i'm a softie when it comes to anything pink!

As much as the meeting with Paul on Friday went very well, i'm still anxious and nervous about moving forward.  Until i actually do it and hopefully get more comfortable with the situation, i don't think these feelings and emotions will go away.  They'll probably never go away completely no matter what happens, but i do feel far more comfortable than i did a couple of weeks ago.

i'm going to take my time in making my decision but i'm sure Paul knows which way i'm leaning.  i asked Diane how i should let Paul know when the time comes.  Should it be via email? a phone call? a time when they're getting together?  Diane thinks the delivery of my decision should be special in some way.  When i asked Her to be more specific She said She wasn't sure either, but it shouldn't be just a phone call where i say "Hey, i'm ready for this."

We dropped the discussion and moved on to something else, but there's no doubt in my mind She'll have more than one idea!  It got me to thinking about how i'm going to be dressed the first time i'm
allowed to be with them as a cuckold.  In the meetings with Paul, there was really no discussion or even the slightest reference to anything about my dress or what i'd be expected to wear other than my chastity belt. 

i'm wondering if the two of them have even given it any thought?  The cuckold really is an afterthought anyway.  It's probably something they'll decide at the very last minute while i fret and worry about it for days ahead of time.

Of course that doesn't prevent my own vivid imagination from running wild.  What will Diane and/or Paul want me to wear for this special occasion?

Just another reason to be anxious and nervous :)


sissy terri

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Taking a Step Forward

"Are you playing with  yourself?"  Diane's voice startled me as i stood in the shower this morning enjoying the warm and soothing water all over my body.  The question sounded more teasing than any type of admonishment.  Shower time is when i'm allowed out of my CB-3000;  hot soapy water can be very soothing after you've been locked for many hours.

"Of course not" i answered Her.  i was close though.  The release from the CB, the warm water and most of all my thoughts about the meeting with Paul last night and what might happen in the near future had me in a semi-aroused state.  It was a little difficult "getting back in." 

"Better not be.  you've been in there quite a while.  Hurry or we'll be late" She said before leaving the bathroom.  The two of us had a volunteer commitment this morning.  The time constraint i faced brought me back to reality and i was finally able to put the CB in place and was safely locked once again.

Our meeting with Paul last night took place in the lobby bar of one of the more upscale hotels in town.  The setting gave us plenty of privacy and comfort.  Nice leather chairs and sofas, space enough between us and other patrons and waiters who knew when to leave us alone.  Coupled with my more relaxed frame of mind it was a better way to begin our meeting.

i use the term "our" meeting because it was important to all of us.  It wasn't just about my own concerns.  Paul had a vested interest in hearing what i had to say and to understand how i had reacted to the first meeting and the rules he had set out. 

Honestly, i had little concern about the rules he'd set out.  i asked him why he felt i would need a "safe word", was there something that he intended to do to me that would require something like that.  His explanation was a good one and revealing.  He said that it really wasn't in his plan to get into a situation where it would be needed, but never having been in this type of relationship before, if things were to move in that direction, it would be nice to know that he'd "crossed a line" with me and did something i wasn't comfortable with.  Fair enough i thought.  In a way, each of us had admitted some level of insecurity and angst about what we were possibly getting into.

The "no sex with others" (in my case that meant Jake) was discussed.  As Jake becomes more involved with another woman (or perhaps women) i understand this demand and quite frankly, happy to comply.  i also trust Paul will be honest about this too.  My trust is based upon Diane's trust of him also.  One follows the other.

What was left for us to discuss was the revelation that he'd become aware of the blog.  i was honest and told him about the sense of betrayal i initially felt along with the risks that might come from him knowing all the he knows, considering everything i'd written since the blog started.

He understood how i felt and was quite reassuring that the blog would be held in strict confidence.  "I'm mentioned in it too, so I'm assuming some risk as well" he said.  Then he told me something that was another.  "You know, if Diane hadn't told me about the blog I'm sure we wouldn't be at this stage today.  It's your blog that convinced me.  She told me to read it and it would help me understand what She was getting at.  It worked."

It made total sense.  It wasn't like i had cracked a code or solved a puzzle, but the pieces were coming together.  All these months where i would wonder if i'd ever experience cuckolding intimately with Diane where little progress was made caused me to more or less give up on the fantasy.  Finally, Diane felt that the blog might be the final piece of "evidence" needed to convince Paul that it could work.

i wasn't quite sure what to say.  "i'm surprised it didn't turn you off, or send you running away" i said trying to add a little humor.  Paul laughed.  "On the contrary.  The more I read, the more I became intrigued and even aroused.  Not just your blog either.  The links to others are like a labyrinth of sexy adventures" he said.  "It was amazing.  Enlightening really."

Paul had to get home so the meeting wasn't that long.  Each of us only had one glass of wine.  Paul wrapped it up by telling me to take my time in making a decision.   "If you take more than two weeks that's fine.  "Just don't take forever" he said, with an air of dominance i hadn't seen in the rest of the meeting.  That was fine with me.

i shook his hand and thanked him for taking the time to meet with us.  He did the same, saying he thought it was beneficial. 

Then, he reached for Diane with his arm out.  She moved to his open arms and there was a hug and a kiss on her lips.  It was more than a friendly kiss as i saw it.  The innocent bystander or even someone that knew us might think the same, or maybe not.  i also saw how he held Her.  His hands slid very subtly down Her back before resting briefly on Her sexy butt. 

The kiss and the placement of his hand on Diane's butt was just as much for my benefit as it was Paul's.  Having read my blog, he must have understood the effect it would have on me. 

i was humiliated in a way; an erotic way.  i was aroused.  

It's also what i was thinking about in the shower this morning.


sissy terri

Friday, January 23, 2015

A Sissy's Big Day(s)

Today's a big day for me.  i get to meet with Paul later this afternoon, a meeting that will go a long way in determining whether or not i decide to go forward with the stipulations he set out last week; stipulations that would allow me to be far more involved in the relationship he has with Diane.  Meeting with your wife's lover, her dominant lover for that matter, isn't an easy thing to do under any circumstances.  It's even more difficult to do when you're approaching it from a perspective like mine - a sissy cuckolded husband.  It's no wonder the first meeting we had was emotionally overwhelming!

Today i feel far more confident and prepared.  They might be considered polar opposites because they usually don't go hand in hand, but i believe someone can be confident and submissive at the same time.  i'm very comfortable with my submission and who i am in that regard.  The big decision is whether or not i want to turn any part of it over to someone else, even if it's on an occasional basis.

i can understand and accept Paul's stipulations, rules, etc.  However, for anything like this to have a remote chance of being successful the initial dialogue needs to go back and forth.  Last week i was left almost speechless at the end of our first meeting.  Paul understands, so he's very open to hearing my side this time.  Wish me luck! 

Yesterday ended up being a very big day also, though it didn't start out that way.  i had to travel a couple of hours to hopefully wrap up a consulting job i had taken early last spring.  What began as a rather simple project got delayed several times and at the same time grew in complexity.  Finally it was over and i was just there to dot the i's and cross the t's. 

But nothing is ever simple.  The company wants me to take on another project.  i told them no, that i couldn't do it due to other commitments (a little white lie) but they insisted i could do it at my own pace.  Whatever reason i gave them not to take it, they begged even more.  i didn't even want to listen to them.  They insisted i stay and hear what they had to say.  So you guessed it.  i'm in. 

The length of yesterday's meeting meant that i'd be getting home later in the afternoon than i thought i would.  It also meant that my sissy wife responsibilities were piling up.  i'd promised Diane that i'd be back in time to cook dinner in addition to having a few other things done. 

Submissive sissy wives take these things seriously.  As soon as i got home i got comfortable (and femme), put my apron on and got to work.  The feeling that i had fallen behind in my chores and that i was hurrying to get things done and ready before Diane came home was a submissively beautiful one.  Not only did i not want to disappoint Her, i was doing what was expected and required of me as Her submissive wife. 

i was surprised at how efficient i was and even had a chance to catch up on a few emails. One that i responded to was from Penney (she with all those pretty bows on her panties!).  i told her how busy i was and why and apologized for the brevity of my note.  Wasn't i surprised to get an email from her this morning telling me that she totally understood; she had to stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things for the dinner she had to cock for her Dominant Wife!  Like me, Penney does all the cooking and shopping.  It's nice having another sissy wife who i can relate to!

But the highlight of my day was when Diane got home.  She looked beautiful as always.  She came in with Her hands full.  She was on the phone smiling and laughing (i assumed it was Paul but it was a female friend of hers), Her laptop over Her shoulder and carrying a bouquet of white flowers which i incorrectly assumed were from Paul.

Diane quickly said Her farewells dropped the laptop and came over to give me a big hug and kiss. 
"Here you go" She said, handing me the flowers.  "They're for you, my beautiful wife."  Diane could tell i was surprised.  "Why so surprised?  Aren't wives supposed to get flowers once and awhile from their spouses or husbands?" 

Well, i was surprised and a little embarrassed that i'd assumed they were for Her from Paul.  i thanked Her, kissed Her and got a vase to put the flowers in. 

Sure it's nice to wear ruffled panties, aprons, lovely bra and panty sets and so many other feminine things.  But it's the little things like this that Diane does and says that make me appreciate my role as Her submissive sissy wife.


sissy terri

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cuckold Discussions

Last night while enjoying Her second (and last) glass of wine, Diane brought up how many comments were generated by my "Pondering Paul's Rules" post last week.  Though She found all the comments interesting and worth reading, She wasn't surprised that they ranged from one end of the spectrum to the other with everyone offering their own advice or opinion.  She made me promise to let everyone know She says "Thank you."

Diane finds my more emotion-filled posts far more interesting than the others that deal with what She called the more "mundane sissy girly stuff" i often post.   It was a light conversation and my response
was that "i can please some of the people some of the time, but i can't please all of the people all of the time!"  She then reminded me that my main focus should be to please Her all of the time and "to hell with everyone else!"

Returning to the subject of the comments, Diane admitted that many of them made her pause and reflect on the nature of our relationship, the dynamic that Her affair with Paul has created and most importantly the differences between what Her and i have and what She has with Paul.  Diane pointed out that Her submission to Paul when they've been in private is more a kinky type of fun than anything else.  "Outside the bedroom or when we're together for anything else, in now way do ever consider him my dominant.  It's so not me" She said emphatically.

If you recall my meeting with Paul, i was left with the feeling that Diane was far more submissive to him than i had thought.  My feelings were correct, but i was way off the mark to think that it extended beyond their sexual play.  A big mistake on my part according to Diane.

She went on to point out the difference between that, and what She and i have.  "you on the other hand, are submissive to me all the time." She said.  When i didn't say anything, She was quick to add "Right?"  "Of course" was my immediate answer, not that She really needed one.  She reiterated that ours was a lifestyle that we'd grown into and one that She loved and didn't want to lose.  "My submission is a plaything, a fun fantasy that i enjoy, but nothing that I could ever do much more than I do now.  When I do it, it has a beginning and en end to it.  What you and I have" She said, "doesn't."

i loved hearing those words.  They're very helpful to me as i sort through things but i'm almost sure i'm going to go through with this.

We're going to have another meeting with Paul this Friday.  It's going to be here at our house if possible but because of time constraints i may have to meet them somewhere downtown after their workday.  i have a few questions and Paul's more than happy to meet again. 

A little while later Diane asked "You like being my cuckold don't you?"

i nodded and said i did.  If i said anything else i'd be lying.

"I love it too.  At least as much as you do" She said, then after kissing me added "maybe even more."


sissy terri

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Power of the Petticoat

Many years ago when i was a teenager in high school, i was browsing through a rather upscale bookstore in our town and couldn't help gravitate towards the section the dealt with psychology.  You could always count on finding some sex related material there.  It was soft porn but intermingled with the more clinically oriented paperbacks there you could find a collection of "Penthouse Letters" or a book or two dealing with some mild sexual kinks.

One day i stumbled upon a work of fiction that would become the first erotic novel i ever read from cover to cover.  And i would read it over and over for years to come.  It was like i had found some hidden treasure and i did my best to keep it hidden so that no one would ever find it.

The book was called "Gynecocracy."  The short title was catchy enough to warrant a second look, but it was the expanded title - A narrative of the Adventures and Psychological Experiences of Julian Robinson (afterwards Viscount Ladywood) Under Petticoat-Rule, written by himself - that gave me the courage to pick it up, scan a few pages, and decide quickly that it was something i just had to have.  "Petticoat Rule" - i'd never read two words that aroused me so much.  

The book is a classic in the forced feminization genre, and it served as my introduction into the erotic world of Female Dominance so beautiful intertwined with humiliation through the effective use of "petticoating" or "petticoat punishment."To be honest, i've never been the same since!  From that point on, the petticoat has always had a special and femininely soft place in my heart and in my sissy fantasies.  The book is available through Amazon and i'm sure other places.  It's certainly worth the read. 

Over the years, as much as my crossdressing and other feminine habits have matured and become more diversified, the appeal and aura of the petticoat and what it means to me always seems to come back.  Call it a security blanket of sorts.  It never fails to bring out the most feminine of emotions and arousal in me.  Fortunately, the internet has many wonderful petticoat resources available to those of us who have an attraction to these beautiful garments.  Some of them have been around for a long time and can count me as one of their faithful followers.

One such site is Petticoat Pond, a place where you can get daily updates on just about anything to do with petticoats.  It's a fabulous place to find out where you can buy petticoats in the US and in other countries, and it also has a treasure trove of beautiful photos of gurls and real girls in all types of pettis.  The gurls who frequent "The Pond" are called poofbunnies and there's also a chat room where they can get to know one another.  Can you think of a more sissy name than "poofbunny?"  

Here's a photo that showed up in yesterday's update log.   i wouldn't call wearing this pretty petticoat any type of "punishment" at all!  Of course, that would depend on the circumstances right?

Another site that i found many years ago is Petticoat Punishment Art by Carole Jean.  The site seems to be mostly pay stuff now whereas in the past, if i remember correctly, much of the material was free.  There's still plenty of stuff for you to browse through.  There's stories, pictures, artwork and more.  One downside is that it doesn't seem to be updated that frequently.  But the beauty of the content never goes away!

The highlight of the site is probably the artwork by "Christeen."  Her work is all over the web and i'm sure you've seen it before if you've done searches related to petticoats, but this site is no doubt the best to find most all of her work in one place.  Christeen captures those special "sissy moments" many of us have fantasized about so very often!

And finally,  Petticoat Discipline Quarterly (PDQ), like its title implies is very heavy on Female Domination of the sissified male through the use of petticoats.  Husbands, brothers, nephews and the like all fall "victim" to the  women in their lives and spend either a good deal of time or the rest of their lives as their petticoated submissives as a means to correct their behavior.  In addition to the fiction, there are numerous letters from women who share how petticoating has worked for them. 

The aforementioned artist Christeen even has her own "poster gallery"on PDQ and it's also worth viewing.  The site also has a fair amount of petticoat discipline that also infantilism.  Despite its quarterly moniker, PDQ has become a monthly publication with mostly free content.  

i probably haven't written about petticoats as extensively as i have today, but rest assured that these wonderfully constructed collections of crinolines will always be a favorite of mine!


sissy terri