Tuesday, May 24, 2016

FemDom Fluff

Get you filthy minds out of the gutter.  This isn't going to be what you thought it would be.

I probably should have called it "filler."  While our sissy would have plenty to write about, she's still serving her "suspension."   And since I don't have much to say today, I'll just do what she does when cuckolding news is scarce - fill this with some fluff.

I think I'd have fun hosting a FemDom couples' wine tasting party.  No more than two subs per Domme.  I have my two.

There are times when this new voice recognition software can't keep up with me.  I prefer the old fashioned way with a live transcriptionist. 

Guess who's in chastity?  Has the smaller penis?  Sorry, must have been a slip of the hand.

A young alpha sub would be so hot.  It's a bucket list thing.

I don't ever recall my sissy wife every using that word.  Maybe this is why.

And finally this.  I know...this is real fluff.


Monday, May 23, 2016


Once again it's not what you think.  Terri's not blogging, nor is she having any orgasms.  Both those things will come/cum in due time.

The surrender I'm referring to is my own to my lover Paul last night.  I gave myself up to him, taking up a far more submissive posture than I'm used to, even with him.  It felt very nice and it was an excellent change of pace.  Something I "sorely" needed after letting my dominant emotions get the best of me the last few days.

But as fun, sexy, sensual, raucous and satisfying as the sex was it would have been nice to have my sissy wife there at strategically selected moments during or love session.  It's always nice to have a "fluffer", an intimate assistant nearby and someone with "clean up" skills to wrap things up. 

Paul must have noticed my longing for sissy's skills or maybe a slight hint of disappointment when he suggested that maybe I was being a bit to harsh on my sub and at the same time missing out of some pleasures of my own.

I'm no expert in FemDom, but neither is he.  I thanked him for his opinion and did my best to get him hard again.  It worked.


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Going our Separate Ways

Just a few minutes ago, shortly after responding to an email from a blogger lady friend and just before starting this post, I checked the pending comments and found one that fits the subject of today's post perfectly.

Appy wrote: Yesterday evening a comedian on TvV said: "Forgiveness is a present to yourself".

It didn't take me long to "forgive" Terri for her obnoxious behavior.  But I don't subscribe to the theory that my anger with her has to go away for true forgiveness to take place.  That may be true for most things but not necessarily in a Wife or Female Led Marriage.  It's a bit more complicated for us.

We had a brief but productive discussion late last night which helped put things back on track a bit.  Then this morning when I finally awoke from a very restful night's sleep, my sissy wife was kneeling at the side of my bed just waiting to serve me.

"How long have you been there?" I asked her.

"Maybe twenty minutes" she answered.

"Time well spent" I chuckled and sent her off to get me a cup of coffee.  How long can you stay very angry at someone like that?

During last night's discussion, I let terri know of a slight change in how we're going to monitor her chastity until further notice.  Immediately after her shower this morning, she was locked into her CB-3000 with a plastic numbered lock.  We're not going to use the key lock anymore.  She had "emergency" access to the keys and the way I had it set up, it was easy for her to "cheat."  I'm not saying she did, but now she won't be able to.

There will be other changes coming soon, though I've not shared them with her.  She'll learn about them soon enough.

There are a couple of social engagements that will keep us busy today, opportunities to have fun with friends and continue the normalization of our own little spat.

The last one is late this afternoon and should last until abut 7 or 8 tonight.  After that, terri and i will be going our separate ways.

My sissy wife will be going home like the good little cuckold she is, safe and secure in her pink cage with lock #734747 tightly in place.

And what about me?  Well,  I'm headed to spend the evening with my lover Paul.

But please don't worry about us.  I'll be back with the real love of my life tomorrow evening.

In the meantime, both lids are still on.  No blogging, no masturbation.


P.S.  Just got an email saying I should be the one apologizing.  For the title of this post that is.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Babydolls & Breast Forms

I slept in today and was greeted by a seemingly remorseful submissive dressed in some outlandish getup to overemphasize her submissiveness.  The short babydoll and her breast forms were just a part of it.  I told her she looked "cute" but that was about it.

I then went back to bed, had my own little celebration of Masturbation Month with a special friend and sissy went about her housework.  It's going to be that type of weekend.  She can go about her business and I'll go about mine.

This recent episode of ours points out how far more complex a submissive is than a dominant.  It's like they're trapped in a continuous sexual spiral.  It doesn't matter how much they hate being teased, tormented, punished, embarrassed or humiliated, they also know that it's those same things, and only those same things that help fulfill their darkest needs.   And it's supposed to be the dominant's job to help them reach this fulfillment.

Therein lies the dominant's dilemma.  We're in charge, but we're giving them what they want.  Is punishment really a punishment?  It isn't easy to figure this out.  It's not always black and white.  And, I don't like ambiguity. 

Maybe I'm making this too complicated.  The answer might be as simple as taking a few days off and adopting a more vanilla lifestyle.  Off with the chastity device, lock up her panties, and just act like any other middle aged couple with no sex life to speak of.

Or maybe I'll just ignore her and let her continue doing housework with the dildo gag in her mouth looking ever so silly.   Don't blame me.  It wasn't my idea.


Friday, May 20, 2016

The Blogging Ban

Don't expect to see the sissy blogging here today, tomorrow, the day after or maybe even the day after that.  Her blogging privileges have been indefinitely suspended.  I doubt there's much need to explain.

You might find me posting here this weekend if time permits.  I may even post some "filler" because there certainly won't be any sex with the sissy worth writing about.

There's also the possibility I might see Paul on Sunday and if I do, it definitely won't be at home or anywhere near the sissy.

I'm not mad at all, just angry.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Signs of Hope

"Maybe we can celebrate tomorrow" Diane chuckled when i asked if She had read the blog posting yesterday.  "I should be home from work earlier than today."

The "celebration" she spoke of was in reference to May being National Masturbation Month, something that might go unnoticed and without much fanfare in homes where the males are tucked safely away in chastity.  That is, unless the ladies of the house have power tools like Diane and the Mrs. over at the  blog.  Listen closely...hear all those buzzing, humming, and moaning sounds!

Given the popularity of the Magic Wand Mick writes about in his post today, i would venture to say there are many women married and otherwise who avail themselves of this handy invention.  No wonder it's won so many awards!

But as far as today's supposed "celebration" goes, i'm not getting my hopes up too high.  After all as Diane clearly stipulated the other night, i've already had my orgasm for the month.  And it's unlikely She views National Masturbation Month as a feast worthy of making an exception.  It's kind of like when we were kids growing up in a Catholic family; there had to be a pretty good reason to drop the "no meat on Friday" ban.  Christmas, New Years,  Fourth of July were OK.  Other than that, you had to take your case up with the appropriate authorities.

It appears this Johnny-Cum-Lately National observance might not carry enough weight to allow submissives in chastity a short period of freedom to participate in some good old fashioned self-abuse.  Seriously, how long would it take?  In my case, it might be just a tiny blip or dip on the Daily Chastity Report.

Why should it be just Diane who gets to enjoy Her lovely toy?

And the type of pleasure it brings?

i remain optimistic just the same.  Maybe i'll just get to watch Diane celebrate. 


sissy terri

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Masturbation Urges

Yes, i have the urge to play with myself.  That urge is accompanied by numerous fantasies that help stoke my smouldering fires of lust.

However as i mentioned yesterday Diane's position is that i've already "...had your orgasm for May..."  This stance of Hers has me aching in a couple of ways.  i ache to play with myself and i just ache period. 

The aching was especially fierce last night when after another episode of arousal at the office, i got to enjoy the taste of Her moistened panties as they were stuffed up in a ball and forced into my mouth. 

"Guess who?" She laughed.  She had little interest in my muffled answer as She went about getting undressed for Her shower after a workout at the gym.  i kept Her panties in my mouth as She showered and they were yanked out as soon as She was ready for worship and put around my neck as a big to catch Her lovely juices.  It's little things like that that intensify the aching. 

When Her pleasure was complete i couldn't help but drop a hint that the month of May was more than half over.

"What's that got to do with anything?" She asked.

"It's National Masturbation Month" i said in as hopeful a tone that i could muster.  It was actually more like a plea. 

"I didn't know that, but I'm sure it doesn't apply to anyone in chastity" She said, leaving little hope for any kind of immediate celebration.

"It's actually good for you" i told Her, making reference to a former Surgeon General's recommendation that the subject be taught as part of sex education.  No surprise that my sound medical advice fell on deaf ears.

"She ended up getting fired.  Check it out" She said.  So be it.

The aroma and taste of Her damp panties coupled with the same directly from Her lovely folds lingered well beyond the worship session.  They only served to sustain the dull aching between my legs throughout the evening.  A few times, i even felt like my pink CB-3000 was going to crack, the plastic confine unable to contain my ever growing urges.  It would have been a painful eruption.

Eventually, the urges died down only to return early this morning.  If i were in the group of men that the data in the accompanying picture identifies, i would have simply laid in bed and enjoyed myself.

Unfortunately, i'm not.  i'm pretty sure it doesn't apply to anyone in chastity.


sissy terri