Monday, August 31, 2015

Cuckold Questions

In the middle of a late Sunday morning breakfast at one of our favorite places in the city yesterday, Diane posed one of those questions to which there is no "right" answer -  especially when coming from the lips of a submissive spouse.

"Tell me, would you enjoy being dominated by another woman? Just for a change of pace let's say?"

i glanced around in an exaggerated way, as if to check if there were any other diners within earshot.  i know we were far enough and Diane's voice soft enough so that no one else could hear us but i just wanted to buy some time to come up with the correct answer.

If i said "yes" then i don't have to spell out all the possible negative ramifications such an answer might have.  And if i said "no" Diane would likely surmise i was lying.  That would be correct by the way.

My immediate thought was that Diane was surprisingly referring to Her best friend Linda, and i'd be lying if i said the thought didn't arouse me.

"Well" i said, "only if You wanted me to Mistress" i said, attempting to dodge a bullet that might be fired back at me.

"You're not answering the question and you're lying" Diane said without hesitation.

"Okay.  You're right.  i might enjoy it.  But what brought this up?" i asked with great anticipation.

"Nothing real serious.  I just read a blog yesterday that was quite interesting.  A totally different type of domination that I'm into but I found it fascinating" She said.  Diane then told me about the latest post on the blog Real Female Domination, where Mistress Scarlet invites a much younger Dominant Female to have some fun with Scarlet's submissive.  Turns out it was plenty of fun for Mistress Scarlet as well.

"i'll check it out" i told Her as She stared back with Her coy smile.  i did and likewise found the idea and scene of inviting a much younger Domme to play with Her submissive quite fascinating and erotic.  But let's hope Diane doesn't follow through with Her question in the exact same way.  Mercy!

The next question involved a speaking commitment Diane has coming up in October where She's presenting a paper at a professional conference.  "Would you like to come along?" She asked me and before i could answer added "Paul's going to be there too."

It really was an easy question to answer.  Of course i would like to tag along.  But if i say "yes" i run the risk of Diane not committing to allowing me to accompany Her, or letting me wait on Her decision.  If i said "no" with the explanation that i just wanted to let them have some private time, She might look upon that as somewhat of a slight.  Once again i tried to avoid a direct answer, this time by posing my own question.  

"Would you want me there?" i asked.  i was surprised by how quickly She answered.

"Of course.  I thought you and I could stay an extra few days over the weekend.  Paul will only be there for the conference.  That's if you want to come" She said.

"Of course i do" i answered.

"Good.  I'll give you all the information when we get home and you can try and book adjoining rooms for us"  said once again with a very coy smile but this time with an additional erotic gleam in Her eye.

Well it took some work, but i did get the adjoining rooms.  On paper, one is for Paul and the other for Diane and i.  We'll see how that works out.  i've also entered the dates on the Cuckold Calendar.


sissy terri

Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Week's Worth of Babydolls

There's nothing like planning ahead.  So why not think about what i'm going to wear to bed every night this week....








Some of these are so pretty i don't know how i'm going to help myself from wearing them twice!

Maybe Diane will even want to borrow them.

Want to see more pretty babydoll pajamas?  Just go to Babydoll Beauty!


sissy terri

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sissy Saturdays

It's one of those days where neither one of us has any social commitments.  Diane's finished the editing of Her papers and catching up on the grading of others, leaving Her with a free weekend.  i may not have social commitments but i do have domestic responsibilities.

i have errands to run and some laundry to do here along with some housework.  The latter two will be performed while in one of my maids uniforms.  Sometimes Diane makes that a requirement.  She hasn't today but i'm going to surprise Her by being dressed in one by the time She comes in from a morning swim.

The maids uniform will come off for the errands.  It might be a popular sissy fantasy to be dressed in such an outlandishly girly way while out and about but it rarely happens in the real world.  i'll be walking into the pool store and a few other places in shorts and a golf shirt.  Maybe ladies shorts but that's about it.

Diane's already told me She wants a pedicure later today.  Perhaps i'll slip back into the maids uniform to perform that task.

The topic of giving Linda a pedicure came up again last night.  Diane mentioned that She'd invited Her best friend over for a pedicure this weekend.  "She would have come but She's out of town" Diane said, adding that Linda is actually looking forward to one of my pedicures soon. 

Admittedly, it's an exciting thought and i told Diane just that.

"I know" She said.  "you are so easy to read."

"i know" i replied.

Serving another woman in Diane's presence is exciting.  It's an extension of Her dominance; the power to direct me to serve whomever She pleases.   It's the same dominance that keeps me locked up in chastity and prevents me from serving others.


sissy terri

Friday, August 28, 2015

Teasing Her Cuckold

Despite my pleas, coaxing and relentless begging Diane is not about to reveal what She had planned for me after Her lovemaking with Paul on Wednesday.   my surprise when i heard Her say "So what do you think, do you have time for me to show you what we talked about?" was followed by a little bit of anxiety, wondering just what She had in mind.

There were several ideas that immediately rushed through my mind in a matter of seconds, even before Paul had answered that he was pressed for time and would take a rain check.   There are some things that Diane and i have done which Paul has knowledge of either by talking with Diane or reading the blog, but hasn't actually seen.  i'm guessing it's one of those.

The short scene on Wednesday took less than a minute, but it played powerfully on the mind Her submissive for a very long time.  i'm not saying this in negative way, and in fact it's actually a compliment, but the scene was just one more little kinky mind game that Diane loves to play.  i'd be surprised if She didn't know Paul wouldn't be able to stay for whatever She had planned to "show him."  This way, Her submissive can be left hanging and twisting in the wind for who knows how long?

i'll readily admit that "normal" married men in a different (i.e. vanilla") wouldn't put up with something like this.  Most submissive men might not either.  Some who read this might take umbrage with how i've reacted to this particular incident and others where they feel i've been mistreated by Diane.  Such is the complexity of some Female Led, FemDom or Wife led marriages or relationships.  Amid these seemingly cruel actions, there's plenty of love.   And so i wait my fate.

On a more immediate and carnal note, Diane was up very early again this morning and after getting some more editing done on a paper, immediately demanded some early morning worship.  Yes, i was already awake but even if i wasn't i would have gladly complied.

So i took a page out of the UCTMW playbook and gave Diane a wonderful morning orgasm.  Thankful as She was, She made it known that it wouldn't be Her last one of the day.

"Are You seeing Paul later today?" i asked.

"I might see him but it won't be for sex.  I'll be relying on you" She said.

i guess i'll just have to say yes again.


sissy terri

Thursday, August 27, 2015

From Dominating to Dominated

Because of their late arrival, "our" date with Paul was a little more rushed than Diane would have liked.  The two didn't arrive here until just before 5 PM, a delay caused by some last minute appointments that Paul had to add to his calendar, appointments that weren't the kind he could rush through either.  So there i sat looking pretty and waiting until they arrived.

When they did, Diane wasted no time in getting into Her role of the demanding and impossible-to-please Dominatrix whose submissive could do no right.

"The panties that are drying on the rack.  They're not hanging properly.  Only mine go on the top racks.  Not yours.  Go fix them" She said with a demanding tone and look.

i turned and went down to the washroom.  i thought i had done it correctly.  She always want my panties beneath Hers on the rack.  Sure enough, there hung a pair of white panties that belonged to me one one of the top rows, right besides Hers.  What i originally thought might have simply been a false accusation simply to play into Her fantasy was real.  i had screwed up.

"Punishment time" She said immediately as i walked back into the room while pointing to the corner.  She stood there in bra and panties holding the riding crop and blindfold while Paul had his shirt and
shoes off but still in his slacks.  i stood in the corner facing away from them.  She slipped the black blindfold over my head and i slid into total darkness.

"Lift her dress" Diane said to Paul in another assertive but not-so-dominant tone.  "She deserves a little punishment."  While Paul held the hem of my dress up, Diane lowered my panties and i got ten hard whacks from the crop.  Were they not so pressed for time, no doubt it would have been more.

When She was done Paul let my dress fall.  "No touching either" She added with a laugh, knowing that touching would have no effect on my caged cock.
So there i stood, panties down to my ankles and blindfolded, hearing all the transpired between the two.

Diane immediately went from being the Dominant to the dominated.  Ordered up onto the bed by Paul on all fours and receiving instead of wielding the crop.  There were twenty whacks.  All of them hard.  Interrupted only once because of Paul's annoyance that Diane's yelps were too loud.  She took Her own panties off and had to put them in Her mouth.  By then, my cage was full with arousal.

After the spanking the panties must have been removed.  i could hear Diane sucking on Paul as he coaxed Her and teased Her.  Then i heard the buzzing of the Hitachi and more moans from Diane.  i assumed Paul was using the Hitachi as the vibrations would change in intensity quite frequently.  Diane took little time to cum, yet Paul hadn't.

There was some shuffling of the sheets then i heard Paul say "Ride me."  From the sounds Diane was making i could envision Her on top of Him as She lay back, She doing all the work bouncing up and down on His large cock until She had another orgasm and finally, so did he.

There was a natural pause or break in the sex action, full of kissing, cuddling and pillow talk, all done without any acknowledgement of my presence.  i'm not sure how long this lasted, but it seemed very, very long as i stood there quietly and in total darkness.  Then i began to hear the unmistakable sucking sounds of Diane on Paul's cock.  More shuffling, an "ass up" command by Paul, and what would be their final sex act on the bed, a "doggy style" fucking of Diane with several slaps on Her already spanked bottom.  Both seem to enjoy it very much when it was over.

There was more pillow talk and then the sounds of them getting off the bed.

"So what do you think" Diane asked Paul, "do you have time for me to show you what we talked about?"

"I'd really like to but, probably not.  Next time for sure.  I want to see that" Paul answered.

"Awwww" Diane sighed in disappointment.  "But I understand" She said and seemed to follow up with a kiss.

i could hear Paul getting dressed behind me and Diane seemed to leave the room and i thought i heard something in the closet.   Then She came back and said "Say good bye to Paul and thank him for coming."

Instinctively, i said "Thank you Sir."  It's Rule #3 of the rules he set out for me months ago.

"You're welcome sissy" he answered.

"I'll walk you out" Diane said and they left me there.

Diane returned about five minutes later and told me to remove the blindfold.

She took off a silky white robe She'd worn to walk Paul out, climbed on the bed and waited for Her sissy to please Her.  It was Her final orgasm of the afternoon.  She insisted it was Her best.


sissy terri

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cuckold Preparations

i woke up around 4:45 AM this morning, a time which would normally mean i'd roll over and fall back asleep after glancing at the alarm clock which happens to be on the nightstand on Diane's side of the bed.   The room was dark but i could see the glow of the alarm clock very clearly without even raising my head to see over Diane.  i reached over to Her side of the bed and She wasn't there.

There was no light anywhere that i could see so i called Her name and got not response.  No light at the entrance to the bathroom either.  After shaking the cobwebs i tried to remember if She had told me about an early morning commitment the night before.  The only "commitment" on my mind was Her afternoon date with Paul.  i then noticed a crack of light under the bedroom door coming from a lamp in the hallway.  Moments later i found Diane in Her office busy on Her laptop.

"How long have You been here?" i asked as She sat in Her pajamas busily tapping away at the keyboard.

"Maybe twenty minutes.  I wanted to get a head start on a report I have to finish before noon.  I have lots to do if I want to leave early this afternoon" She said.

A pot of coffee had already been brewed and i automatically refilled Her nearly empty cup as She continued to work.  She thanked me for the coffee and told me i could go back to bed and that everything was just fine.  i did just that and slept until around 6:30 and was up to wish Her off by 6:45.

After pouring a cup of coffee i sat down with my laptop to submit my daily chastity report.  After completing the spreadsheet i logged in to my email account and found the following email from Diane, with a cc to Paul:


After completing your regular Wednesday chores (except for the hand washing of our lingerie) I need you to do the following today before we get here this afternoon:
  • Call the museum and find out why we haven't received our membership renewal
    cards yet.  They expire Monday.
  • Call the landscaper and let him know the tree I've selected.  Try to schedule it for next week or sooner.
  • Call the dealer and make an appointment for an oil change on my car.  Arrange it to your schedule.
  • I left out three suits that need to be dry cleaned.
  • Reschedule my Thursday evening hair appointment.  Make it later - anytime after 6:30 if he can accommodate or anytime after 3 on Friday or anytime on Saturday.
  • Change the sheets in the bedroom.  Something dark.  Maybe the black and white set and leave the bed down.
  • Lay out the riding crop on the bed as well as my Hitachi (make sure it is fully charged).
  • After 3:30 you can hand wash the lingerie and line dry it in the usual place.  
  • Look pretty when we arrive.

 It's a busy day.  Other than Diane's specific instructions to hand wash the lingerie after 3:30, i've rearranged some of the tasks and taken care of them before doing my regular Wednesday chores (there's more ironing to do than usual which is my fault).  Hopefully i'll have time to go to the gym and hit the dry cleaners before heading back and taking care of the rest of Diane's requests.

Are you wondering why Diane would specify (or even care) that i hand wash the lingerie after 3:30?  If She and Paul arrive at the same time this afternoon like they usually do on a Wednesday, they'll come in through the house from our garage.  The entry from the garage on the lower level would take
them through the laundry room where the lingerie always line dries on a rack.

Her instruction is clearly intended to let Paul see both our lingerie on display, and to show what an obedient sissy cuckold wife i am.


sissy terri

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Waiting for (Cuckold) Wednesday

For whatever reason, in Her One More Thing  post on Sunday, Diane didn't exactly elucidate what transpired when i was called upon to "finish things off" after Her sex with Paul.  Though She was quite complimentary of my skills when it comes to "finishing up", she left most readers in the dark as to what actually happened.  Had i posted there would certainly have been a recap with a bit more detail.  

Tomorrow might provide a similar opportunity for me since it's quite certain (so far anyway) that the two will be together once again in our marital bed.  Schedules seem to be in alignment so that by no later than 6 PM there's an excellent chance that the two of them will have already enjoyed my outstanding cuckold skills!

i know things can change and sometimes the change comes very quickly but based upon their reaction on Saturday and some back-and-forth communication between the three of us via email this week, i'd be very surprised if my services aren't requested at some point during the afternoon.  Maybe i'm sounding a little too cocky for a submissive cuckold, but truth be told, i'm good at what i do!

As a follow up to yesterday's post where Diane suggested that i might be called upon to provide Her friend Linda with a pedicure, Diane made sure that i realized these pedicure sessions would likely take place under Her direct supervision.  The "escalation" in the relationship between Linda and i that my blogger friend Mick hinted at might only be a slight little "lift" instead.

"Why would i need to be supervised" i asked with a slight hint of sarcasm.  "i know how to give good pedicures.  And don't You trust me?  i'd be totally locked anyway."

"Of course i don't trust you" She laughed.  "Locked or not."

So much for private pedicures.


sissy terri