Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Missing Leash

By the time this posts i'll probably be halfway to my destination (by the way Mick - i'm driving so there's no worries about airport security with any kinky toys i may be carrying) , a lovely weekend away alone with Diane.  It's one that She promises will be like a second (but quick) honeymoon for us.

The mystery of the missing leash (and collar) was relatively short-lived, and my suspicions as to its whereabouts were confirmed during my telephone conversation with Diane last night.  We talked longer than i thought we would.  The reason being that Diane had come up to Her room early, leaving Paul and other colleagues downstairs in one of the hotel's lounges.  It was a deliberate ploy to avoid any suspicions that might be raised by their both leaving together.   "He'll be here in an hour at the most" She told me.

After we'd chatted about Diane's successful presentation at the conference Diane asked me if i'd found the leash and collar.  When i told Her i hadn't in a tone that was intended to reveal my suspicions, She just laughed and said "I hope you didn't look too hard because I had it here all along."

"i suspected that was a possibility after my initial search of the usual places" i told Her.

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, we've used it only once" She giggled.  "Let me rephrase that.  Paul's used it only once." 

Diane knew that all this talk was getting my submissive juices flowing and elevating my blood pressure in a kinky way.  The thought of Diane submitting to Paul while wearing a collar attached to a leash under his control is a very arousing thought to many cuckolds.  It certainly is with me.

But Diane quickly changed the subject to my arrival later today suggesting that we have a very romantic weekend together.  "Let's make this kind of like a second honeymoon" She said.  "But this time you're going to be the bride."

i didn't mind the topic change at all.  i would make sure just about everything necessary to make that
happen would be packed away.

"Maybe we'll have time to buy you a pretty little bridal babydoll" She said knowing exactly which buttons She wanted to push. 

"That would be nice" i answered.  Just in case, i packed a few pretty "white" things for the trip.

Paul walked in from his adjoining room about 45 minutes into the call. 

"It's been a long day.  I think we're going to take a nice hot shower and go to bed" Diane said before saying goodnight.

i'm sure it was a long and stressful day to Her but it was still pretty early.  They may have gone to bed but i'm sure they didn't fall asleep right away.


sissy terri

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Instructions From Mistress

i meet Diane late tomorrow afternoon after the conclusion of Her conference.  Her lover Paul will be on his way back home by the time i arrive and we make our way to what should be a nice resort on the beach.  The weather looks like it's going to be perfect so i'm looking forward to spending some quiet and intimate time alone with Her.

Keeping the toys secure!
i did receive some final packing instructions from Her this morning, telling me to bring my pedicure supplies and "the collar and leash."  Maybe She wants me to give Her a pedicure while She holds the reins!  We have two collars and one leash but i couldn't find the leash.  i suspected She might have already put it in the travel bag She packed on Sunday (the one that included Her Hitachi) that She also secured with a numbered plastic lock.  She put several toys in the bag but i didn't remember seeing the collars and the leash.  However, wasn't paying that close attention.  Once the Hitachi went in, i got Her point.  But without opening the bag i can't be sure what's inside.

i've texted Her to call me when She has the opportunity, and i also sent Her an email with a bit more detail asking Her if i can open the bag to check.  i doubt She'll give me permission to open the bag and tell me to keep looking for the leash!

i am missing Diane very much while She's away and She did console me a bit last night by telling me She misses me just as much.  She is pretty busy at the conference so it's not all about Her having sex with Paul while they're away together.  She did make it clear however that sex is how they've started and ended every day so far. 

It's nice when a cuckold is kept informed.


sissy terri

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wet Dreams

i miss Diane already.  Actually started missing Her as soon as She left for work yesterday, knowing i wouldn't see Her until Thursday.

She called me upon Her arrival and let me know that She and Paul would be headed out to dinner together after "freshening up."  Then several hours later i received a "good night" text from Her.

It's a busy day for me today, something that will help keep my mind off of Her being away.

But some of my thoughts are out of my control.  Like the dream i had of Her just before waking up this morning.  In the dream, She wasn't with Paul but with another lover.  It frightened me.  i wasn't in the room with them but yet i could see them.  Diane was on the bed and the lover was standing on the side of the bed, encouraging Her to look sexy for him.

Diane posed in various ways.  His hands caressed Her.  She was enjoying Herself and touchingHerself.  Suddenly, the lover told Diane to "Show your sissy your panties."  She moved so that i could see the crotch of Her panties.  The wet spot on the crotch of Her panties was very prominent.

That's how i woke up this morning.  Dreaming of Her wet panties.


sissy terri

Monday, October 5, 2015

An Orgasm with Her Toy

This afternoon Diane will be boarding a plane with Paul for a short flight to attend a conference where Diane will be speaking.  While Paul doesn't have an official role in the conference he'll be much more than a simple attendee while he's there.  In private, he's there as Diane's lover. 

Conveniently, they've booked separate but adjoining rooms.  This type of accommodation helps maintain a proper facade and veils the reality of their relationship but it makes little economic sense.  The "supply" of beds certainly exceeds the "demand" unless things go south between the two of them.

When this event was originally planned, i was expected to accompany them for at least part of the conference.  It worked for me because i need to participate and complete things like this in order to maintain my credentials.  But i've got a commitment here tomorrow so i won't be able to attend.  Instead i'll be driving to join Diane some time on Thursday, probably arriving around the same time boards a flight to come back home.

It makes for an interesting week.  i'm safely locked away here at home (the number on the plastic lock is 734758) while Diane is away with Her lover.  He leaves Her and i join Her.  She gets to enjoy one type of sex with him, and a totally different type with me.  Seems like She's the all around winner this week doesn't it.

Something interesting also happened yesterday afternoon.  After Diane enjoyed the Hitachi's and my own attention, i was given permission to have my own orgasm by playing with myself in front of Her.  It wasn't however, your typical masturbation session.  There were rules.  i had to remain locked in my CB-3000 and i had to use the Hitachi to achieve my orgasm.

Diane lay by my side and handed me Her vibrating toy and told me to get started.  The sensations of a Hitachi on a confined cock are quite unique.  Those sensations, combined with some verbally erotic encouragement from an interested and sexy partner are more than this submissive can control. 

As soon as the Hitachi touched my cage, Diane started telling me how sexy it was going to be when i got to show Paul how i am now allowed to play with myself.  "Consider this a practice session" She told me.  "Next time he's here, we're going to show him how caged sissy cuckolds get to play with themselves."

i don't think She made it halfway through the story.  She could tell i was ready to cum and i started to "leak" just as She began to caress my swollen testicles with one of Her fingers.  When you're caged, you don't "shoot", "erupt" or "explode."   It's more like an uncontrolled "leak" that lasts longer.  At least that's how it is with me.

Diane enjoyed seeing this.  When my orgasm was over She gave me a very passionate kiss before i was told to remove the cage, clean it and myself thoroughly and get not one, but two plastic locks.  When i was done one of the new numbered plastic locks (the one) i mentioned above was snapped on. 

Diane then handed me a small travel bag and told me to put Her toy in the bag.  Her strap-on harness, my head harness, two dildos and lubricants followed.  After She closed the bag She used the second plastic lock (734759) to connect the two zipper latches together.

"Don't forget to bring the bag on Thursday"  She said as She tossed it into the walk in closet with a smile.


sissy terri

Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Very Sissy Sunday

i hadn't planned on it but i ended up serving Diane and Linda a hearty breakfast this morning while in a pretty pink apron before they went biking with two other girlfriends.  The two other friends met the here after breakfast and by then, the apron was off so as not to create any uncomfortable scene for those not "in the know."  Still, i served them a cup of coffee before the four of them left.

The biking date was planned weeks ago but it wasn't until early yesterday afternoon that i learned that Linda would be coming over for a pedicure and spending the night.  Sleeping over made sense because the three of us and another couple had plans to go to dinner and a play last night.  We just returned here and She slept here.

Other than the enjoyment i get from serving Diane and Linda and whatever satisfaction of their own they derive from being served, there was nothing sexual about Linda's time here.  Though i get aroused, it's become rather routine.

While receiving her pedicure yesterday afternoon, Linda told me all about her date of a couple of weeks ago and mostly about how disappointing it was.  There was no talk of any sex and it was evident that nothing happened, but Linda spoke to me very openly as if i was just "one of the girls."  She paid little attention to what i was doing, seemingly trusting my work more than she did the last time.

"Does this look okay?" i had to ask her after applying the first color coat on one of her toes.

"It's beautiful.  As good as most I've received from a salon" She said with a smile, and just continued talking.   All so routine.

And this morning other than the "Oh, that's a pretty apron" comment she made, there was no other mention of it and my serving breakfast dressed that way was accepted as normal.

Women look so sexy doing this!
Last night while getting ready to go out, Diane was in the master bath in just her bra and panties applying Her makeup.  i assumed Linda was in her guest bathroom doing the same.  As She leaned closer to apply some lip gloss Diane said "How about a kiss?"

She certainly didn't mean a kiss on Her lips.  They were already being tended to.

i planted a kiss on Her lovely bottom.

Diane knew that while kissing Her my submissive mind was on a "fantasy fast track" that had Diane ordering me to go do the same for Linda.  i knew that She would say no such thing.

She changed the subject by promising some intimate time later this afternoon.  i'm looking forward to Her return from that bike ride.


sissy terri

Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Reader's Question

One of my readers (Stuart H) asked the following question a few days ago:

Hi Terri, I apologise for the very personal question and I'll understand if you don't answer. Has your very impressive lock up time impacted your ability to have sustain erections? As someone who has no experience but desperately wants to try it is my biggest concern of ling term lock up.

Love your blog and apologies again for jumping in with such a personal question.
First i want to thank Stuart for the question and taking the time to comment on the blog.  Since i started moderating comments there's probably been a small decrease in the number of comments left, but not that much.  The only comments i've not published have come from spammers and they tend to come in bunches.

Second, the question could be viewed as personal one but it does apply to anyone either in or considering entering into long term chastity.  i'll try to answer it as best as i can.

There's not much data or medical information of any kind available on this subject.  Patients aren't likely to come in to their doctor and ask about something like this.  Nor have any studies been conducted.  So my answer will solely be based on what i've read, what i know and what others i've spoken to know, some in the medical profession, and also what i've experienced myself so far.

The best answer i can give you is that all this "very impressive lock up time" probably does impact my ability to have or sustain an erection.  Sounds pretty scary doesn't it?  Well, for some it may be but for others, it may not be that big a deal.  Compression on the penis will restrict the flow of blood and prevent stretching of the tissue.  Long term compression can lead to atrophy of the tissue.  To put it simply, the penis like other body parts of ours, needs "exercise" to stay in shape and prevent atrophy.

My experience thus far is that i can still get erections, but i'm finding that they take a bit longer to achieve.  A couple of weeks ago, Diane and i showered together and She supervised the removal of my chastity device, the cleaning of my genitals and the device and the replacement of the numbered plastic lock.

i got aroused but i almost had an orgasm from her soaping up my genitals.  The orgasm, if She had continued doing what She was doing, would have come while i was still quite soft.  Before i got much bigger, She had me put the device back on. 

Diane's position on this is quite simple.  Her love for me isn't based on my ability to have or sustain an erection.  "I have other options available for that" She says.  She's not just referring to Paul either.  To many this may sound cruel.  i don't view it that way at all.  To me, it's all very loving.

My chastity now plays a big part of our relationship.  Diane, who never wanted to do this because She always thought it was "too much work", now likes it more than i do, or so it seems.  And from a submissive's point of view, it's arousing to me that She likes it so much.

It would be nice though if i was at least allowed to slip my penis out once a day for a little bit of exercise to prevent atrophy.  It would be even nicer if this exercise session was "supervised."


sissy terri

Friday, October 2, 2015

A Very Vocal Mistress

Thanks for everyone's comments yesterday to my post which summarized my time in chastity so far this year.  The blogosphere seemed to be abuzz about chastity on other blogs too.   Readers were also chiming in over at UCTMW where Mistress Molly finally put her sexy foot down and decided slave Mick's time in his cage was long overdue. 

Mick ended up spending a long and tortuous fourteen hours in chastity before being released when Mistress finally got home.  Sometimes i wish that Diane's arrival would be met with a similar release.  Instead, there's usually a welcoming kiss while She habitually reaches for my crotch "just to check." 

Mistress Diane has become pretty trusting though.  When we first started using the plastic numbered locks She would conduct random "inspections" to ensure the same numbered lock was on as what i'd reported on the daily chastity report.  She doesn't do that as often anymore.  Of course, She doesn't have to.  With a daily report that has the number i'm supposed to have on, She can check anytime. 

Mistress also had a long and tortuous day yesterday (no Mick, it wasn't tortuous because of being in chastity) and before She got home instructed me to draw Her a nice hot bath.  She took Her time relaxing in the Jacuzzi tub while i waited to help dry Her off.  i hadn't served Her in this way in a very long time but She seemed to enjoy the attention last night.

Before a light dinner i gave Diane another type of attention that She always enjoys.  This time there were no toys or any other type of "live entertainment" (i.e. Paul).   Just me and my oral attention.  As tired as She was, She took little time to have a pretty powerful orgasm.

i couldn't help but comment on how She came so fast and so hard.

"I guess I was just in the mood.  Plenty of kinky thoughts too" She said.

"Would You care to share?"  i asked.

"Weren't You listening?" She asked wit a bit of annoyance.

She was indeed quite vocal and i did enjoy it so in that regard mine was a stupid question.

"Of course i was, and i enjoyed every word" i told Her.

i'll keep what She said private.  It's not suitable for print anyway.


sissy terri