Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Tired Cuckold

The timing of today's post (a little earlier than usual) is driven by a combination of things.  i have a busy day ahead of me in preparation for tomorrow's holiday so it's best i get off to an early start.  i also didn't sleep well last night, tossing and turning with thoughts of Diane and Paul spending the night together.

It was one of those nights where you can't fall asleep, keep looking at the bedside alarm clock and when you finally do fall asleep, it's likely time to get up.  In my case, that was around 4:45 when the alarm clock between my legs was feeling more uncomfortable than usual.  A trip downstairs to start the coffee and a trip to the bathroom eased some of the discomfort.

Halfway though my second cup of coffee Diane texted me with a "Good morning honey.  Hope you slept well.  Left the hotel and on our way to the airport.  Love you.  Xox."  It was not quite 5:45.

i'd last heard from Diane around nine last night, a little more than eight hours ago.  i wondered how She and Paul had spent those eight hours.  How much sleep did they get?  How many times did they have sex?  Was Diane feeling as tired as i was?  Did Diane really wear the sexy high heels i had
packed for Her in bed for Paul?  And the thigh highs?  i pictured Diane leaving the hotel room, walking down the dark halls with Her things the night with Her lover over.  She would drive Paul to the airport, kiss him passionately good bye and head to Her office. 

Diane's text to me "sounded" like She enjoyed Her night with Paul.  It's crazy how we think we can feel someone else's emotion through the written word alone.  But we do it all the time and for the most part, we get it right.

She did seem very chipper this morning, as if She had a bounce in Her step.  Paul's a lucky guy.  But so am i.  She always comes back to me.


sissy terri

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Suprising Cuckold Task

i was prepared to write about the wonderful evening i had with Diane last night, one where She exercised Her Dominance over me with a lengthy strap-on session after i had pleased Her.  It was Her intent to let me enjoy an orgasm in my cage, but one that would be totally brought on by Her use of the strap-on as it slid in and out of me and teased my prostate.

She likes to call such a thing a "sissygasm."  Much as She tried, the confines of my cage worked as a stumbling block to the bliss i wanted so badly.  Close, but this isn't horseshoes.  More on that another time.

This morning brought a surprising cuckold task that i wasn't prepared for.  i was running errands and waiting to hear from Diane so She could brief me on Her plans to be with Paul (if there were going to be any) before he left tomorrow morning for the Thanksgiving holiday.  i was expecting that She'd either "work late" or the two of them would show up here later this afternoon since our daughters won't be arriving until tomorrow.  Instead, i got a text to call Her right away.

"I need an overnight bag" She told me, explaining that She and Paul had booked a room at a hotel by the airport.  His flight is very early and he's traveling alone.  She went on to tell me what She wanted me to pack in the bag, which suit, shoes, jewelry, makeup, etc. and finished by saying "you know what i need."  It helps to have a sissy wife for a spouse in times like this.

"One more thing" She added.  "Make sure to pack me a cute nightie, some white thigh highs and some sexy heels to match.  I'm going to be Paul's "Heels Queen" tonight. In bed too.  I'm sure you'll think that's sexy" She said, referencing  yesterday's post with a pointed jab that didn't miss its mark.

So the mission's accomplished.  i've just returned from leaving the overnight bag in her car.  There's everything She asked for including the sexy heels.

i'll be home alone tonight, my sexy and fantasy Euro-Domme thousand of miles away in Her sexy heels and hose.  Only 26 miles away will be my equally sexy Wife, checking in to a hotel then getting similarly dressed to be with Her lover.


sissy terri

Monday, November 23, 2015

Heels & Hose Fit for a "Queen"

You like?

i do.  Especially how the heel on Her left foot is upturned so sexily.  Begging to be kissed.

my "Euro-Domme" has done it again.  She's gone ahead and published more beautiful and sexy pictures on Her tumblr and website that are just driving me crazy. 

Clad in heels and hose as She lounges in bed, i can't help but fantasize that i might by lying next to Her, waiting patiently for the opportunity to plant a kiss on those beautiful heels.

Or maybe, just maybe, She would slip them off and allow me the privilege of kissing Her beautiful feet...

Oh the stress i'm putting on my Jailbird as i plant those kisses! 

i continue to fantasize.  How lovely would it be if She would reward my service by allowing me to "borrow" a pair of Her hose?

"Here my sissy slut" She says to me.  "Put these on.  Diane will like them."

"Yes Mistress" i respond, all too happy to please Her.

Back to reality.  She's "there" and i'm "here."  

my fantasy may be harmless, but it does cause me some discomfort!


sissy terri

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Aching for Her Lover

The pedicures i provided to Diane and Linda yesterday were quite routine, as much as a pedicure performed by a husband on his wife's best friend can be i suppose.  The absence of teasing or any mention of my submissiveness or femininity left it up to my own thoughts  to process those types of feelings.

Both were very pleased with my work with Linda asking if she could have ianother one done either next weekend or the following one.  Next weekend is out.  Our daughters will be around for Thanksgiving and will probably still be here on Saturday, but the following weekend would be open. 

Last night Diane brought up the subject of New Years resolutions.  It's more than a month away but She's talked about several ideas She has without being specific.  Some of them are related to my chastity while a few are not.  She's said that She wants my input on them but the final decision will be Hers and Hers alone.  Some readers have provided some suggestions through comments and others have written Her directly. 

"You can thank me later for not accepting some of these suggestions" She said, letting me know that She plans on sharing them with me at some point.

The week will be a short but busy one.  Paul leaves on Wednesday and won't be back until the middle of next week, leaving he and Diane scrambling to find some time together.  There's a good possibility that a Monday evening or Tuesday afternoon meeting could take place, here or "elsewhere" according to Diane. 

Despite receiving daily pleasure from Her submissive, the prospect of not having been with Paul in the most intimate of ways for an extended period of time isn't pleasing to Diane. 

i don't doubt that Diane thoroughly enjoys the sex we have with one another.  i also have no doubt She needs the type of sex She has with Paul.

Fortunately, that fact has become much easier for me to accept over time.


sissy terri

Saturday, November 21, 2015

My "Handsome" Sissy

Two weeks ago we were at a social event, the both of us mingling around, sometimes together and sometimes apart.  The early evening weather was nearly perfect as everyone watched the sun go down in the desert southwest. 

Across the patio I happened to catch the hostess of the party, a very nice looking woman who I guess was in her late 40's or early 50's, chatting up a storm with my sissy.  I was struck by just how handsome she looked.  I almost slipped for a moment and said "he!"  The blue blazer, dockers and white dress shirt didn't give the slightest hint of femininity that lay beneath those manly threads.

Nor did they give any indication of her state of chastity.  I wore the key around my neck but it was hidden under my sweater.  Part of me wanted to slip it back over my sweater so that it would be prominently displayed between my breasts and stroll over to the hostess and introduce myself as terri's wife.  Instead I opted to watch them just a little bit longer before returning to the conversation going on in my own little group.

Our public personas rarely reveal our true selves.  If they did, would we really be shocked by one another?  After we've looked in the mirror, probably not!

I want to thank some of you who've left comments suggesting some additions to terri's Daily Chastity Report.  The reporting aspect of the lifestyle has added another enjoyable dimension for me.  It provides far more information than simply letting Paul and I know how much time terri's spent in or out of the device.  And now that 2016 is almost here,  January 1 will be a good time to make one or more changes to the report.

I won't be making changes just for the sake of change.  Whatever changes take place, they're going to add value to the process we already have in place.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Pedicures & Housework

i "booked" two pedicure appointments this weekend.  One for Linda and another for Diane.  Diane gets an appointment whenever She wants of course, kind of like an "on demand" type of thing.  But Linda takes the more formal approach:

"I was wondering if I could make an appointment on Saturday for a pedicure" She said quite seriously when she called me yesterday afternoon.  i was happy to oblige and scheduled her for 2:30 in the afternoon.

i told Diane about it though i'm quite sure She already knew and when i did, She reminded me that we were having guests over for dinner on Saturday night.  i knew about that also, but Her point was that there would be a bit of extra housework for me to do in preparation.

"Some of the floors need to be cleaned" She said.  "You know how dusty it gets here."  She's correct, the Sonoran desert certainly can get dusty.  Tile floors in much of the house routinely fail the "white glove test."  But tomorrow they will.  And there was more....

"The lingerie drawers.  They're a mess" She said.  "Have you forgot everything is supposed to be neatly folded?"

i didn't disagree, but i thought they were already pretty neat.   Not perfect, but orderly.  Our guests this weekend don't strike me as the type that would sneak around the house opening drawers, especially the ones in our master bedroom.  But maybe they are.  If they do, they might be surprised at just how perfect our panties and bras are laid out in their respective drawers!


sissy terri

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Recapping Sex for the Cuckold

Diane made sure her "orgasmless" streak didn't stretch beyond one day.  Though it was late She had two yesterday each about thirty minutes apart, ensuring that She could count them as two, distinct separate "events."

Since they both took place in the confines of Her plush office with Paul, i don't necessarily agree with Her counting them as totally independent of one another.  Their late afternoon/early evening tryst seemed more like one "event" to me and i asked Her about the half hour "interruption."

"I got a phone call, which led to my having to make one of my own and then another" She explained.  "We both had to start all over."

Diane admitted that there was no "requirement" to start all over, but rather just a bit more lust that had to be satisfied.  Anticipating more questions from me, She volunteered that no, She did not give in to Paul's fantasy that She go down on him while She was hidden under Her own desk.

"That fantasy of his will just have to wait.  Almost everything took place on the couch" She said.  "All except when he picked me up and sat me up on my desk.  That's when my phone went off."

Diane was far more descriptive about Her office time with Paul than usual.  Turns out that Her willingness to share the details with me was just the beginning of an evening long tease that ended with...guess what?  Nothing for me.  Not even the opportunity to provide Mistress with an orgasm of my own doing.

The thirty minute "interruption" between orgasms caused Diane to get home later than She would have.  Dinner was later and extended by the conversation we had about Her sex with Paul which all made for a later evening than planned and a "not tonight dear...I'm too tired."

Her streak starts up again, while mine remains intact.


sissy terri