Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday - With a Touch of Pink

One morning a couple of weeks ago Diane was getting ready for work (and an afternoon session with Paul) and slipping into a pair of black bikini panties that had just a touch of pink eyelet lace trim and a pretty pink bow in the front.  She looked so sexy and happened to notice my glancing at Her.

"You like what You see?  Or are You jealous of the panties?" She teased.  She already knew that i would answer in the affirmative to both those questions.

i find the combination of black and pink to be so sexy.  i don't have much in the way of that color combination in my lingerie collection (Diane insists that i wear mostly "sissy pastels") but i wish i did.  Diane likes the combo also.  The black speaks to Her confidence and dominance, while the pink is a reminder of Her beautiful femininity.

If i could add to my black and pink lingerie line, here are a few pieces i'd love to have!

Bet you guessed my first one would be a babydoll nightie right?

And my second....

Now to some sexy shape wear...

And who wouldn't want a black and pink corset with a pretty bow on it?

Oh how i would love to be laced like this!

This last one is my favorite.  Sure it's mostly pink, but then again, i'm more sissy than anything else!


sissy terri

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving - A Sissy's Day Off

i actually have the day off from my sissy wife duties.  Diane and the girls are preparing the turkey and all the other trimmings.  i get to relax.  It's only a temporary thing though.

i can still fantasize.  It might be fun to be a sissy maid on Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


sissy terri

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Sissy's Thanksgiving Break

With our daughters here for Thanksgiving our lifestyle has to take a bit of a break.  After a brief discussion last night, Diane agreed that the CB-3000 should be tucked safely and securely way until they're gone on Sunday.  No need to have to risk having to explain anything.

My submission to Diane doesn't change though.  Sure, the clothing i wear around the house won't be the same with the exception of my panties, but all else remains the same.

It's a break from the regular routine but not necessarily a welcome one.  i grown into my role as Diane's wife and enjoy it.  i've accepted who i am and who Diane is and in all honesty, it's brought pleasure to both of us.  i'm also surprised at how easily i've become accustomed to being in chastity.  Last night, Diane suggested that i sleep with my CB-3000 on since i wouldn't be wearing it for a few days.  i did and it wasn't that bad.  The discomfort was less that i had experienced the last time i tried to do it and what little there was served as a reminder of my status.

i hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.  i'll try to post something over the weekend when i have some free time alone.  Until then, here are a few pictures that i posted on my tumblr sites.  Pictures that kind of make me thankful that i've accepted my role as a submissive sissy wife :)

As i mentioned earlier...acceptance of who you are is so important.

Aren't ruffled panties the quintessential sissy garment?

And when it comes to petticoats, i hope they make a huge comeback soon!


sissy terri

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Office Sissy

i just returned home from dropping Jake off at the airport today.  He closed his firm at noon today, giving everyone the rest of the week off and had asked me if i could drive him to the airport.  i agreed and he told me to come on up to his office around 11:30 this morning. 

"Wear something pretty under you clothing.  It's time we play out that fantasy I told you about" he said. 

The fantasy?  my sucking his cock while he sat at his desk.

i was nervous all morning.  He not only insisted on something pretty, but i had to be wearing a bra.  i arrived at his office in stockings, garter, panties and a bra.  The bra was easily concealed under my shirt and jacket. 

His administrative assistant let me in to see him and it was evident she was getting ready to leave soon.  He told me to have a seat and take my jacked off.  "i prefer to keep it on i said" in a joking manner, a little concerned that Jackie, the administrative assistant would walk in and possibly see my bra or bra straps through my shirt.  "I said take it off" he said  in a stern manner.  i laid it over one of the chairs in front of his desk as sat in the other.

Jake made a couple of calls, both of them on speaker phone.  During the first call he walked over behind me and ran his hands over my chest.  It was more to feel if i was wearing the bra than any affectionate touching.  When he felt it i could tell he was pleased that i had obeyed, the groping turned into a softer touching with his fingers running along the outline of the straps as he continued to talk on the phone. 

As expected, Jackie did come in to announce that she was leaving for the day and wished Jake a Happy Thanksgiving.  Jackie, a very efficient looking 50-something year old woman, looked very nice in a greyish pinstripe business suit, white blouse and heels.  Jake saw me looking her over.  When she was gone, he said "I bet you'd like to be my secretary wouldn't you?"  We both laughed.

He then went over and locked the door.  "Show me what you're wearing" he said.  "Don't be nervous.  There's nobody left here.  Trust me."  With the door locked, i felt somewhat safe and began to strip. 
"All the boy clothes off" he ordered.  "Model for me" he said.  i slowly turned around to show him my lingerie.  My cock strained in the chastity belt.  It would strain for long time.

Jake dialed the phone and began to talk to a client in Wilmington Delaware, almost ignoring me while motioning that i stand next to him.  He sat there, rubbing my ass through the panties as he talked on the speaker phone.  He stood up and motioned to his crotch, indicating that he wanted me to loosen his trousers and start with his cock.  i did.

Soon, i was kneeling in front of him and kissing his crotch, balls, and cock.  He was put on hold briefly by the client during which time he had ma take his shoes and slacks off.  He stood before me and told me to start sucking him.  He finished the conversation in that position, wishing his client a Happy Thanksgiving and promising to touch base with him next week. 

There was one more call that lasted only 5 minutes or so.  I had his cock in my mouth the entire time, sucking but also trying to be quite with my slurps, kisses and licks.  By the time he hung up, he was rock hard. 

"Ready for a big load?" he asked.  i sucked and nodded at the same time.  "Beg for it."

"Please Daddy" i said in my softest and sexiest voice, looking up into his eyes. 

"No mess on the floor.  Promise?" he asked. 

"Yes Daddy, i promise." i said.

He grabbed the sides of my head and thrusted back and forth.  He went deep into my throat and i gagged several times, and i was careful that i caught the saliva mixed with precum that was dripping down my chin with my hands. 

Jake was farm more aggressive than usual - "I love it when you gag on my cock" he said passionately and immediately shoving it in deeper, causing another gagging reaction. 

"Ready?" he asked and without waiting for an answer shouted out "Here you go sissy!" 

Typically he enjoys cumming all over my face but not this time.  He did his best to stay in my mouth and i did mine to keep him there.  It was a totally different sensation, large spurts of his semen hitting the back of my throat and filling my mouth, only a small portion finding its way to my lips. 

i was proud, i don't think i spilled a drop.

We came down from our high, got dressed and made our way to the airport.  Naturally, there was no good bye kiss.  Instead, there was a slight caress of my thigh, with a "love tap" on my CB-3000.

"Be a good girl while I'm gone" he said as we pulled up to the curb.  "Some day, I'd like to have you bent over my desk.  Would you enjoy that?"

"Yes Daddy, i would" i said with a very content smile on my face.

It was a very, very, very sexy and gurly afternoon!


sissy terri

Friday, November 21, 2014

Pink Friday

You can't go anywhere, read anything, listen to the radio or watch television without being inundated with "Black Friday" promotions.  Enough already!  i mean, isn't the real Black Friday a week away?  Why am i drowning in all the Black Friday hype?   And my inbox, well it's just overflowing with sales, coupons and other early shopping ideas.

Somebody's probably already thought about it, but i think the time is ripe for a "Pink Friday."  A special day for all the lovers of all things feminine and gurly!

Here's a couple of ideas to start your sissy shopping early that just happened to show up in my inbox today.

Bare Necessities seems to be offering a solution to every bra problem you've ever had.  Sound to me like its worth a little browsing to see if you can get that perfect fit!

And how can you go wrong with a $6 bra?  Well, maybe you can.  But at that price it's at least worth a look!

Check it out at  i think you can even get free shipping!


sissy terri

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Slips and Petticoats for Sissies

They're fashion statement from a bygone era.  It wasn't really an era i grew up in.  i missed it's heyday by a bit more than i decade i would guess.  But somehow, the feminine mystique of the petticoat and the slip seem to live on.  That's especially true with crossdressers and sissies like me who just happen to be in love with them!

Now and then, they do make an appearance as part of some new-look fashion statement, but for the most part full-length slips and full petticoats are sidelined as costume wear, square dance apparel and outfits for those of us who have such a fetish.

i know my mom wore slips, but i don't recall seeing my sisters in them.  Petticoats?  Only saw those in magazines or at square dances.

Fortunately they're still available to be had from specialty retailers and online stores, an indication that there's still a market for glamorous and feminine elegance.

They're also outstanding contributions to ultra or "ubersissy" outfits!

There's not visible petticoat here, but this dress sure gives the hint that she's got plenty of crinoline under that hem!

Now wouldn't you love to curtsey while wearing this pink petti?

Just look at the fulness of this petticoat!  And the corset just puts this outfit "over-the-top" sissy!

Every sissy should own a full length pink slip.

A pink half-slip and matching bra....just gorgeous!

All pictures courtesy of An Appreciation of Women in Petticoats and Slips.


sissy terri

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chastity in Public

Diane and i attended a retirement dinner last night.  It was a combination celebration/roast of an esteemed colleague of mine who spent many years as a credit to his profession.  His departure was rather sudden considering his position and the many responsibilities he has.  His decision was his own and driven by his ultimate dedication to family.

For me, it was an an opportunity to chat with many colleagues i haven't seen in awhile and to wish the guest of honor a long and fulfilling retirement.  It was also kind of a melancholy.  Having retired relatively early in life from a profession that for the most part, bestows prestige and accomplishment upon those who remain well into their 60's and beyond, i felt a tinge of sadness.  How many people walk away when they're at the cusp of the peak of their profession?  By the same token, how many people have the opportunity to fulfill a fantasy that they've had for most of their lives?

i was greeted by many people curious to know how and what i was doing.  Questions like what i was doing with all my free time now, how my consulting business was doing, etc.  When Diane was close by She would often answer for me by just saying She was keeping me busy at home with a "honey do list."  It got a few chuckles.

Overall, the evening was kind of awkward for several reasons.  First of all, Paul was in attendance.  Even though he sat at our table (without his wife) we didn't socialize that much, nor did we go out of our way to avoid each other.  But sitting across from my Wife's lover who also happens to know that i'm submissive to Her and thinks i don't know that they're screwing around can be a little awkward. 

i also happened to be wearing my CB-3000 and was self-conscious about it.  It wasn't a formal event, more business casual than anything else.  i wore a blazer, button down shirt and dress slacks but felt that the CB was noticeable through my slacks.  i asked Diane if i could take it off before leaving and She dismissed the idea as silly, saying i was being paranoid for no reason.  i was nervous about if throughout the evening.  The worst part was when i got a hug from a few women i hadn't seen in quite a while.  One time, i swear one woman got close enough to me so that her inner thigh pressed against the CB.  i thought she gave me kind of a weird look.

Finally, i was bothered by that fact that Diane appeared indifferent to the possibility that someone could possibly realize i was wearing a chastity belt.  Again, She dismissed this idea as total paranoia and silliness on my part, saying that anyone brushing up against my CB might laugh it off and think it was just my being a little "excited."  Unlikely.  There's a big difference between an erection and a piece of hard plastic.

When we got home, our discussion about the evening was short.  It was late and She wasn't in the mood to talk much about it.  "You make it seem like everyone there was focused on your crotch" She laughed.  She also suggested that i enjoyed the many hugs i got from different women.  "You probably enjoyed all the attention you were getting" She smirked.

"You're right" i finally told Her.  "Maybe they did mistake my chastity belt for excitement."

"Would you rather they feel some bra straps on you?" She asked.

She was right.  The CB could be mistaken for an erection, but not a bra strap!