Monday, July 6, 2015

Sissy Summer Fantasies

i can't prance around our lakeside resort wearing anything i want.

But if i could....

i'd probably be wearing this pretty romper today.  Maybe with some white high-heeled sandals?

And this one should be perfect for tomorrow.  Yes i know, i have this penchant for polka dots!

Eventually, i'd have to find something with a bit more pink in it don't you think?  This one would be perfect!

Can't wear rompers all day either.  Changing into a cute little sundress would be lovely for late afternoon cocktails.

And for swimming i'd stay with something flowery and flouncy.....

Gotta run.  Time for a swim and back to reality as i slip into some boring swim trunks!


sissy terri

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Sissy Promise

The misty rain we've been experiencing on the first couple days of our vacation is a sharp departure from the usual dryness of our desert home.  But it's welcome.  Diane enjoys the intimacy that usually comes with rainy weekend days, and when you're on vacation for a little R & R, it's even better.

The late afternoon brought a little heavier rain yesterday, the sound of the raindrops on our lakeside hamlet were the perfect backdrop for some quite time together and we took full advantage of the sensual setting.

Our lovemaking was longer and more sensual than usual.  No time constraints or commitments on the calendar.  A dinner reservation in several hours could just as well have been next month for all we cared.

In most ways the loving was typical; a submissive, locked in chastity, orally paying homage to the Domme with doting devotion.  Diane loved the attention and, with Her fully-charged Hitachi Magic Wand by Her side, enjoyed the best of what "everything" at Her disposal had to offer.

i kissed Her everywhere, staying as long in one place as She wanted me to.  Whatever disappointment i might have felt from being pushed aside in favor of the pulsating pleasure She sought from Her toy was always surpassed by the joy i felt when the Wand was put aside in favor of my lips and tongue.  Her orgasms were many.  We both loved every one of them.

When Diane decided She'd had enough orgasms for awhile (yes, that does happen) She turned Her attention to me.  It was then that the lovemaking to a different turn.  i had hopes that i'd be let out of my pink CB-3000 and perhaps enjoy the pleasures of Diane's strap-on.  Or perhaps She'd even let me out and tease me as She allowed me to pleasure myself.  Neither happened.  i remained caged, yet i can't remember a more powerful and helpless orgasm.

Diane used Her wand on my cage. i wasn't allowed to touch myself anywhere.  "Lay back. Spread your legs. Enjoy. Let yourself go" She said.  i did just that

When the physical effects of my orgasm finally subsided, Diane unlocked the cuffs and hugged me.  My cage was messy but She didn't care.  She actually liked it.  "Look at you" She said.  "You're cage is leaking with evidence of your happiness."  Perfectly put.

We ended up hugging, kissing and talking for at least another hour.  At some point i mentioned to Her how amazing it was that we'd been in this chastity lifestyle for more than six months and during that time i'd never once had an orgasm without Her permission.  She liked that very much and said so, but other than that She was pretty quiet.  However, the look in Her eyes let me know that She wanted me to keep talking.

i went on to tell Her and admit that prior to my chastity i used to masturbate regularly.  She asked me how often and it was embarrassing to tell Her that i did it at least every day.  i also told Her that i felt much better about myself since i'd stopped because of being locked.  It was a confession of sorts and i felt better after admitting it to Her.

Diane finally spoke and told me She knew i used to play with myself.  "You were a naughty sissy at times weren't you?" She said with a loving laugh.  She told me how happy She was with this chastity experiment.

"I think we both know that this isn't an experiment anymore.  As long as we're together and we can do it, I want you locked.  I also want you to promise me never to masturbate without my permission again" She said.

i did.  i looked into Her eyes and said so.

Saying so had me aroused again.  So aroused that i had a difficult time removing the CB-3000 to clean it.  While it was off i couldn't help about the promise i'd made to Her.  In the past, i might have used this opportunity to grant myself some relief.

Not this time.  Instead, i cleaned the cage and simply put it back on.


sissy terri

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth!

When i was young, the 4th of July was always a big family holiday.  Even though we had already been out of school for a few weeks (that was always dependent on how many snow days we had to make up) adults always looked at the holiday as the official beginning of summer.

i don't view this holiday the same way as i did when i was young.  Most things are the same, but i just see them through a slightly different lens...

We would always have a family softball game.  Too bad we didn't wear uniforms!

At Diane's, where Her family had a tennis court in their backyard, there was always an informal tennis tournament for friends and relatives.  She always wore white but....i think a different color would have been nice!

And it wouldn't be the Fourth of July without swimming!

Once the sun went down, we couldn't wait for fireworks.  The different colors were always so splendid, but today it wouldn't bother me in the least if they were all in one color!

At the end of the day i was always dead tired from all the fun and usually fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.  At least today i can sleep in something much prettier.

Have a great red, white, blue and pink holiday!


sissy terri

Friday, July 3, 2015

Back in Panties (Mine)

Diane's decision earlier this week to have me wear Her used panties until further notice came to an end today.  Kind of an odd day to make the change, since just last night She teased me about how "difficult" it was to pack for a vacation when "you're a sissy."  Had She not let me return to wearing my own panties, there would have been less to pack!

Our departure for the north country has been delayed several hours.  Diane had to run into the office and hasn't returned yet.  Her last minute rush to the office is totally work related.  Paul's several thousand miles away so there won't be any hanky panky. 

July hasn't exactly kicked off with a bang for me.  Though Diane has enjoyed at least one orgasm each day (including one early this morning) i've yet to put any pink on the Chastity Report.  Maybe i'll be granted some erotic type of "independence" on July 4th.  That would certainly be nice.

Early this morning we did receive a response from Paul, congratulating me on a "good month" considering certain distractions i had to deal with.  i closed June with a year-to-date percentage of time spent in chastity of 89.13%. 

There's also been one other small change with my chastity.  Rather than using the metal lock on my devices, i'm spending more time being secured with plastic numbered locks.   With the lock, i always
had access to a key for emergency purposes.  Though Diane would likely tell if i had used the key, it wasn't 100% "sissy proof."  The plastic option eliminates any tampering possibility.

If anyone's interested in getting some locks like this, just send me an email and i'll direct you to the website.  In my opinion they're better and far less expensive than the numbered locks you buy from the manufacturers of chastity devices.  One difference - these don't have the word "Keyholder" stamped on them.  If you're into aesthetics, then i suppose having that stamped on the lock makes it more erotic for you!

i don't mind the change to plastic locks at all.  i'm getting more comfortable with my chastity all the time.  i think i'm also becoming more submissive.  Is that possible?


sissy terri

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Deceptive Discipline?

Both my sissy sister Leeanne and my blogger-friend Mick seem to question my motive for getting into an argument with Diane the other day.  The two submissive cuckolds certainly have the experience and intuition to "sniff out" such devious practices.  After all, i have little doubt that they've probably been guilty of such things themselves a few times!  i have no concrete evidence of such but it's just a hunch :)

It's true that a submissive with fantasies of various kinds of punishments and humiliations might at times misbehave on purpose in the hopes of "benefiting" from the wrath of their Domme.  i admit that i've been guilty of that once or twice during my submissive "career."  The other day wasn't one of those times.  It's actually been a long time since i've even tried it.

Having spent nearly three decades with me as Her submissive spouse, Diane knows me quite well.  Diane has two very different responses to any of my intentional missteps.  Both are very effective.  The first involves actual punishment, but administered with far greater intensity than normal.  It's not necessarily physical punishment either.  If it isn't physical, it just lasts far longer than it normally would.  An hour in the corner isn't fun.

Her other option is sometimes worse.  She just ignores me.  It's more than just the "cold shoulder" treatment.  It has the power of a deep freeze.  So over the years, i've learned not to try any of this stuff "on purpose."  Understanding who's in charge helps keep me on the straight and narrow.

So Tuesday night's corner time was legitimate and most of all lonely.  As James pointed out in his comment "Corner time sucks if there's nothing going on behind you."


sissy terri

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Time Out

As a result of a being a little lippy to Diane last night, there's been another column added to what seems to be the ever-expanding Chastity Report.  When the idea of the report was first conceived, following with Her initial fears that chastity would be too much work, Diane simply wanted less than a handful columns:  date, hours in, hours out and percentage for the day.  Month-to-date and year-to-date totals and percentages would be automatically calculated at the bottom of the columns. 

Then there was a decision to add a column for my comments.  Comments are mandatory.  The next addition was a column to highlight those days where either one of us enjoyed an orgasm.  This column and that particular exercise is nothing more than a humiliating formality for me.  The orgasm counts are variable for Diane, with the ratio of Her orgasms to mine being something like "X to 1."  X usually represents a number somewhere between 25 and 31. 

Now because of a sarcastic comment i made last night which led to a minor argument, the July Chastity report will include a "Time Out" column.  There will be a bright red X entry every day i'm required to take a "Time Out" and stand in the corner for punishment.  "Too many time outs could put your monthly orgasm in jeopardy" Diane laughed.  Hopefully Her laughter was an indication that She may not be very strict about this. 

i didn't stay in the corner very long last night, but long enough to reflect on my behavior and its consequences.  My reflection wasn't a totally negative experience.   i got to realize just how silly my comment and the ensuing argument was.  Who really cares about what option we choose when we're at the automated car wash?  See what i mean?

Since my transgression took place last night on the last day of June, i'm starting July with a clean slate.  i'm hopeful that Diane doesn't wait until i have an "infraction-free" month to reward me with orgasm.  It's been long enough since the last one.


sissy terri

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sissies' and Hot Wife Dresses

Some things turn out to be far easier than what you originally think.  i have two recent personal examples.

Returning the dress Diane bought me to Macy's yesterday and finding an identical one was a very simple task.  Even if i had come right out and told the sales associate the dress was mine i really don't think she would have cared in the least.  She was very pleasant and even though i told her "my wife bought this dress yesterday and the zipper is broken" she seemed to be just focused on making my experience easy and pleasant.

Telling her that my Wife bought the dress wasn't a lie either :)  She asked if i wanted to exchange it or simply return it for a credit.  i told her i wanted to exchange it and she took me right over to where i found the identical dress in the same size.  It really couldn't have been easier.  i wonder if she noticed my smooth legs?

And about the dress?  Well Diane has one very similar but in a shade of yellow whereas mine is in pink.  We'll both be wearing them for Paul when he gets back from vacation!

The next example of something being far easier to accomplish than i ever thought possible happened today.  i played another 18 holes of gold while in chastity.  Six months ago when we embarked on this nearly full time chastity lifestyle i never thought i could play golf while locked.  i've done it several times now and the more i do it, the less it affect my game.  The only inconvenience?  Having to use the comfort stations instead of peeing behind a tree or a bush.'s much more feminine this way!

So sissies' have to return dresses that don't fit.  And they may also have to do the laundry and having to wash their wives' dresses after they've been with their lovers.   And sometimes they might be in for some kinky surprises!  

Where am i going with this?  Well, last week i clicked on one of my commenters profiles and found that she was the author of a cuckold-related blog.  i've been slacking quite a bit when it comes to updating my blog list so i followed the link to Haley's blog and stumbled upon an incredibly erotic piece called  "The Cheetah Dress Chapter 11."  You just have to read it. 

And there's been an even hotter Chapter 12 update just yesterday.  Perfect cuckold reading.

Thanks Haley...i'm happy to have added you to my blog list!


sissy terri