Thursday, July 30, 2015

Submissive & Selfish

The above is an excerpt from Miscellaneous Aphorisms, The Soul of Man, by Oscar Wilde.   It's unlikely that he had submissives in mind when he penned it, but the thought is certainly fitting.

The "perfect submissive" really doesn't exist in my opinion.  Try as they might, they can never help themselves from even the most subtle of ways, trying to influence how their Dominants will treat them.  There never really is total surrender is there?

i'm no different.  i struggle with this all the time.  i have a loving Dominant Wife who's helped me enjoy fantasies that i thought would always remain fantasy instead of reality.  Yet i try to top from the bottom, disguising my efforts as much as possible but to no avail. 

My lack of participation in yesterday's sexual encounter between Diane and Paul put me in an uncomfortable mental subspace.  My Dominant Wife was unusually submissive to Her own Dominant Lover while i tried to occupy myself in a distant part of the house.  Like a discarded submissive, i lingered close to the bedroom long enough to hear the spanking begin, but not long enough to determine when it concluded. 

i found out an hour before they arrived that they wanted private time.  It put a damper on my mood.  i even changed into regular vanilla clothing (except for the required panties of course) before their arrival.  When Diane saw me i could tell She was a bit surprised and maybe even upset though She didn't comment on my dress.  Instead, moments before they entered our bedroom She used my state of dress as an opportunity to show Her dominance.

"Paul wants to check to see if you're still in chastity.  Why don't you pull down your pants and show him" She ordered.  i obeyed.

i was wearing the pink CB-3000 with the small metal lock instead of the jailbird.

"No numbered lock today?" Paul teased.  "Do you have a preference?"

i told him that i preferred the jailbird chastity device but when it came to the lock, i had no real preference.

"Are those new panties?"  Diane asked.  "Don't remember seeing them before.  Turn around and let me see."

Again i obeyed.

"Hmmm.  Guess I haven't been paying attention" She said.  "They look new."

And off they went.  Into the master bedroom.  They stayed there for a long time.  It was around 4 PM when they went in.  Paul left a little while after 6:30.  He and Diane showered together before he left.  There was no cleanup duty for the cuckold.  No remnants of the lovemaking for me to taste.

My intimacy with Diane was limited to some veneration of Her backside before we went off to sleep.  The same backside that had been spanked by Paul hours earlier. 

All in all it was a very, very submissively powerful experience for me.  Not the way i would have wanted it given my selfish nature, but submissively fulfilling just the same.


sissy terri

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Verbal Cuckolding

Paul will be here this afternoon.  i'm quite certain about that.  Diane is aching for him.  i'm certain about that as well.

Recovered from Her long night at the office and seemingly well rested, i got to spend some quality submissive time with Diane last night.  Cooked Her a nice dinner, relaxed by the pool as we watched beautiful thunderstorms in the distance and gave Her beautiful toes a fresh coat in a color that will be matching the lingerie She will wear this afternoon.

But the most interesting part of the evening took place before we went off to sleep when She wanted a little more personal attention.  i gladly obliged and took my place of worship between Her thighs.  Diane was quite verbal.  So much that She was more or less carrying on a "one-sided" conversation with me, since i was too busy and unable to talk.

The conversation was a long and sexy "cuckold tease" for lack of a better description.  She went on about how badly She wanted Paul and how She's missed their lovemaking.  The session was a harbinger of what might be happening this afternoon.   She left no doubt that currently, Hers is a submissive sort of mood and She's ready for some kink with Paul.

"You may not want to be there" She told me.  "I know you have a hard time seeing me over his lap
for a spanking and other things.  But I think I need it.  I know I do."

She's correct. if ind it difficult thinking about Her submitting to Paul in that sort of way.  i know it's all safe and it's play as opposed to lifestyle but it's hard just the same.  If it's hard to think about it, imagine seeing it up close and personal. 

Perhaps i will take a pass if it's up to me. Maybe it won't be.  Maybe i'll be forced to watch.  The decision will be in theirs' of course. 

As Diane's orgasm was building up last night She became very quiet.  When She came it was as thunderous as the weather we had seen outside earlier.  No doubt Her thoughts of today's session with Paul played a part.  i hope i did too.


sissy terri

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cuckold Wednesday & Pretty Summer Dresses

Diane had to hang around the office until very late last night and didn't get home until around 1 AM.  All of this without Paul.  Naturally, when She got home She wasn't in the mood for any attentionand i was fast asleep.  She even debated staying overnight at a nearby hotel or even on the sofa in Her office instead of coming home.

Needless to say, last night was a rather lonely time for me.  i was happy to hear from one of my daughters (the one who has yet to get engaged - but from all indications it's going to happen before the end of the year) to let me know she was planning on spending some time here over the Labor Day weekend.

i also got an email from Jake.  He's been trying to get together with me again, even though he seems to be enjoying himself with his new girlfriend.  "She's not nearly as sexy as you are" he teased me.  Ok...nice try.  The time with Jake was fun, but i've realized that i'm a far better (and happier) submissive leaving my sex life totally in Diane's hands. 

All indications are that Paul will be here tomorrow afternoon for some intimate time with Diane.  i've already put it on the Cuckold Calendar.  Will they or won't they let me participate?  That remains to be seen.  With temps likely well over 100 tomorrow afternoon, disappearing to play golf isn't the best option.  Even kneeling in an air-conditioned cuckold corner would be better than that!

Maybe i'll just enjoy myself tomorrow by wearing a pretty summer dress or two.

Or maybe three..... about four!

This last one is my favorite.  Or maybe, it's just because of her pretty pose :)


sissy terri

Monday, July 27, 2015

A Mistress' Right to Privacy

Maybe Diane read my blog posting yesterday and in doing so took a cue from the comment left by Mick about a submissive respecting their Mistress' right to some privacy with Her lover, but before Paul finally called yesterday i was told She would be taking his call in private.

Diane cited Her option to exercise Her "right to privacy" when with Paul, either in person or when talking with him on the phone.  The call didn't come until late afternoon and moments before it did, Diane sent me on an errand to the grocery store to fetch some fresh parsley.  She felt like cooking last night and had forgotten to add the parsley to the list of things She needed yesterday.  When i returned from my errand, the door to our bedroom was closed.  Diane didn't come out for another thirty minutes or so.

i did my "pouting" while She was behind closed doors and got over it.  i get disappointed but i move on.  Diane has the "high maintenance submissive" lecture down pat now, refined to the point where She's prepared to rebut any of the arguments i might bring up.

Dinner was delicious and i actually enjoyed relaxing while She took care of all the preparations.  i even offered one of my aprons for Her to wear but She dismissed them as "all too sissy."  It put both of us in a good mood and we enjoyed the dinner with some wine that i got to choose.  Of course, i was tasked with the cleanup after dinner and i wore one of my more "sissy" aprons just to prove a point.

Best part of the day?  A lovely worship session just before bedtime that produced an orgasm that Diane called "even better than the one I had earlier." 

Take that Paul :)  Of course, he wasn't present like i was which i suppose put him at a bit of a disadvantage.


sissy terri

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Phone Dates & Stolen Panties

Diane hasn't seen Paul (in a full sexual way) for a while and that isn't going to change until at least this Wednesday.  But their desire for each other doesn't seem to have waned any.  i asked Diane this morning if She had any plans to see Paul today since sometimes if he's on call they make arrangements to get together.  She told me that he "might be calling this afternoon."

If it were going to be just a regular phone call, She likely would have given me a simple "no."  i'm pretty sure there's going to be some intimacy, verbal foreplay and eventually some sex involved.  If there is, i'm truly hoping that i'm allowed to participate and assist, rather than Diane turning our bedroom into Her own personal sanctuary to enjoy Herself with the assistance of one of Her toys.

i hinted to Her this morning that i was hoping to be allowed to "help."  She just smiled and said "I know."  A perfectly executed tease showing no indication of any decision.  She'll likely take the call and let me know of Her decision right then and there.  It probably won't even be conveyed by the spoken word, but simply by the way She acts at the time.  We'll see.

Thanks to all who have joined in the discussion taking place on my Pedicures & Panties posting.  There are indeed lots of "us" out there with panty-wearing stories to share, some with the benefit of an understanding spouse or S/O while others haven't been so fortunate.

Here's an interesting story from the NY Post about a man who was caught with more than 2000 stolen bras and panties.  His stash became public when the ceiling tiles where he was hiding them collapsed from the weight of all this lingerie.

The amount of stolen lingerie looked pretty impressive when all lined up to be photographed, no doubt to be marked as "exhibit 1" if the case were to go to a jury.  And the story was published on
Christmas Eve of last year no less!

When i saw the picture i had two thoughts.  The first was that the thief seemed to have good taste in bra selection.  The second was who the pervert was that lined up all that lingerie so nicely on the sidewalk!


sissy terri

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sissy Saturday

Yesterday's post on Pedicures and Panties generated a decent number of comments.  The percentage of men who have ever worn panties or who wear them on a regular basis will likely remain a mystery for a very long time.  Hard to get good hard data on that type of information. 

Both Diane's and my own careers fell into a profession where data and studies drove new techniques, technology and future research.  It had to be that way.  Having played a role in many studies and evaluating results, so much care has to be taken in the sampling procedures.  A lot different than asking someone if they've ever worn panties or not!

i'd love to continue to hear from those men who share this penchant for panties that many of us have.  If you don't want to leave a comment publicly, or have a longer story you want to share don't be afraid to email me.

And speaking of data, one of my readers, Marissa CD, did some "number crunching" with my chastity numbers and shared her results in a comment to my post Lingerie for Lovers.  To summarize her comment, she notes that if i cut the amount of time i spend out of chastity in half for the rest of the year, i can achieve a final percentage of 92.2% at the end of 2015.  In half!!!!  That's a lot of hours locked isn't it?  As of today i'm a bit over 90% already!  Thanks Marissa for this interesting (and a bit 'depressing') information.

It's a "Sissy Saturday"  here, or more specifically a Sissy "Maid" Saturday.  The reason?  Diane is in one of Her cleaning moods.  Women get like that once and awhile.  In our case, not that i'm bragging, but our home is already immaculate.  So why is She in such a mood?  Well..."the tile floors need cleaning every so often" and "the windows haven't been washed in awhile." 

It's a longer list, but i think you get the point. 

The only difference between Diane and most other women?  When She gets into one of those moods, She's not the one who does the cleaning.


sissy terri

Friday, July 24, 2015

Pedicures & Panties

i'm getting better at giving Diane pedicures.  That's not only my assessment but Diane's as well.  i used to get frustrated when i messed up a bit.  Diane would tell me not to worry about it, that any polish i got on Her toes could easily be removed.  She was right and told me that even the pros mess up and fix their mistakes with nail polish remover.

So as my pedicure skills improve, Diane avails Herself of my services more and more. And last night, i got to give Her a pedicure while She was on the phone with Her lover Paul.  It was no doubt a premeditated scene to "benefit" us both.  She got to enjoy Her Domme side while i was overwhelmed with submissive sissy feelings.

"she's giving me a pedicure" Diane told Paul, likely in response to an inquiry he had about me.  "You'll get to see it tomorrow."  Powerfully stimulating words to a submissive.  Their conversation continued, its content more about them than about me.  That was fine.  i was lost in my own little dutiful world.

Onto another subject....Panties and who wears them.

My recent post "Humiliatin & Other Sissy Things" elicited some interesting comments from my sissy sisters and others on the topic of men who wear panties under regular clothes.  The back and forth began when sissy sister Penney wondered if i were the only golfer in a chastity cage during a tournament i participated in earlier this week. 

my other sissy sister Leeanne chimed in with the following comment:

Now this is an interesting question, and one the variation of which I wonder about a lot. My premise is that I know for a fact that I am always in panties, and almost always in chastity. The next factor in my premise is that, when I'm "in the real world" no one - NO ONE - would ever guess that I'm a sissy. EVER. So, if I know I'm wearing panties all of the time and no one would ever guess it, who else is? Seriously. I think there are more of us out there than the world knows about. Interesting thought I think.
Then Penney wrote:

Thanks for your thoughts Leeanne. I think you are correct there are lots of us. But like you, no one would ever guess I'm always in panties. On days my wife picks out especially frilly ones, I often wonder when I'm in a room full of people if I have on the cutest panties. One of life's little mysteries.
To which sara e added:

Gee, good topic. i wonder how many people on that course were wearing pretty panties under their golf slacks? sara e
Sara's right.  It is a good topic.  A very good one.  How many men routinely, or maybe occasionally, wear panties under their everyday manly looking clothing?  If they do, do their wives know?  Do they share their fantasy with anyone else?  If so, it has to be difficult to pull off (unless you're living alone) without getting caught.

Like Penney, i sometimes wonder when i'm in either a room full of people or one of thousands at a show or sporting event of some sort how many other men are wearing panties.   And like Leeane i certainly believe that there are more of us out there.

i'd love to hear more thoughts on this subject.  If my sissy sisters and i are correct, there have to be many interesting stories to share from all the other panty-wearers!


sissy terri